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      Seedboxco.com review

      One of the reasons I have always recommended people not to go for Seedboxco seedboxes is that most of the people get shared seedboxes and many people have complained how they get random warnings because someone else from the same shared box might have downloaded some stuff which is monitored by DCMA

      Now in the first instance I wont recommend that you get seedboxco seeedbox in the first place because with the rising number of complaints that I have received I think its one of the worst seedboxes in terms of downloading from public torrents  and I don’t think their prices are great either. You can easily get a much better seedbox at much lower cost with all the functionality and you can download the content you want.

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      Beware seedboxco

      Just look at the below requirements by Seedboxco.com


      All services provided by SeedboxCo.com, may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any European law or law of the UK is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret and other statue. The subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SeedboxCo.com from any claims resulting from the use of the service which damages the subscriber or any other party.

      Examples of non-acceptable content or links

      • Pirated software
      • Bulk Email related products
      • Hacking/cracking related websites
      • Warez and/or copyrighted MP3s
      • Illegal material or material that is against public policy
      • Sites containing or linking to material that may be considered detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare. (Such as, but not limited to: Anarchists Cookbook, bomb making, weapon information, or anything else that may be considered detrimental or illegal.)

      SeedboxCo.com will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision, and reserves the right to deactivate and remove any site at any time for any reason without refund.

      Copyright Violations

      SeedboxCo.com will respond to all reports of infringement that are formatted in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and any other applicable copyright laws. Notices of infringement that do not comply with this act will not be processed. We will act in accordance with the DMCA when handling infringement reports.”


      To me its a sad state of affair why would get a seedbox like this in the first place,

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      • cdlink14

        I’ve been a customer with SBC for about 7 months now without a problem. I also idle their IRC and try to help people if they come in with a problem. I’ve not once seen any complaints about DMCA’s. I’ve also only ever seen 1 person complain of slow speeds and that was resolved within minutes once he sent a ticket to the support site.

        I’ve also never had a single problem using any public torrent sites though it is the opinion of myself that if you’re using a public tracker and seeding isn’t your goal (which it isn’t for a lot of people) you should be looking more in the direction of a VPN than a seedbox. Seedboxes have always seemed to be a private tracker thing to me.

        They also have far superior functionality if I may say so myself. You don’t just get your seedbox, you also get a private cloud to backup your data, you even get public webspace to host a website (complete with mysql and php), an openVPN config (not used this personally).

        It even features a nice little app store with 1-click installation for many common apps, RealVNC, RapidLeech, Plex. They even added ZNC to the appstore after a few users asked for it.

        The prices are really competitive (even with the recent £1 increase) I pay £8.49 for my seedbox and I get my promised 100mbps speeds. The only limit I’ve known is the hard disk space limit (729 GB) I’ve downloaded 508.7GB of data in the past month and uploaded 2640.35GB without a single warning.

        I can understand your concern about the DMCA crap, but that’s just standard stuff a lot of sites do to protect their backs, heck even private trackers have that stuff quoted in their rules and TOS.

        I can assure you though that even if a DMCA request did come to fruition it won’t go anywhere because SBC aren’t required to keeps logs, and hence they don’t.

        No company is going to rat out a paying customer.

      • cdlink14  Hey Thanks for the Info Cdlink!

      • iamokaw

        It all comes down to one thing: price. I get 1.48TB of storage and unlimited bandwidth (it’s 1gbs d/100mbs up, which I’ve seen faster, but the storage makes up for it in my eyes) for £14.99 it really, really sucks that I can’t use public trackers, but I just can’t find ANYONE that even touches that price for more than a TB of storage and unlimited traffic.

      • cdlink14

        iamokaw Who said you can’t use public trackers?

      • iamokaw

        cdlink14 iamokaw Personal experimentation. Openbitorrent.com, for example, which tends to be the default for TPB torrents, will just time out. They used to have something about it on their TOS, and they still mention it in the index at the top, but removed the actual content:


        Notice at the top of the page, 1.81 is a link to “Open Trackers’ that doesn’t actually go anywhere.

      • cdlink14

        iamokaw cdlink14 As I said in my own review that is only there to cover their own back. They don’t keep logs and can’t just send a DMCA to everyone behind that IP.

        I just tried loading a few torrents from TPB and all are working fine.

      • iamokaw

        cdlink14 iamokaw Odd. I tend to get a lot of timeouts, and for some reason, when try to edit the trackers for a particular torrent, they rarely stay.

      • iamokaw

        Interesting. I just receieved a notification of a DMCA complaint from Seedboxco. I thought people would be interested to see what it looks like:
        Dear SeedboxCo customer,
        Our ISP LeaseWeb Netherlands BV has received an abuse notification regarding the IP address(es) listed below that is/are assigned to you. We trust you to take appropriate action to ensure that the reported content is removed.
        This is an automated email, sent based on the reported port number which the content was shared from (which we matched to your account, WE DO NOT MONITOR YOUR DATA). Information contained within this email may be incorrect or inaccurate, if this is the case and the reported content is not on your system, please ignore this email.
        We suspect the complainant was monitoring a bittorrent swarm that you were a member of, this can be a common occurrance if you’re sharing data on public trackers.
        We remind you that we do not share any personal information with third parties, we simply reply to our ISP to let them know we’ve notified the user(s) responsible. If you feel that this notice is not valid or if you need assistance from someone in the Abuse Prevention department, please reply to this email.
        Reported filename: [redacted]