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      Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox with Chrome/Firefox Extention

      For host please use the hostname provided in your email, we are updating all the certs so eventually , adding ip would stop working.

      Downloading a torrent tracker from the website and then selecting the tracker file and then uploading on your seedbox can be quite tedious sometimes specially if you are downloading small files.

      Please follow the steps below to add torrents remotely to your seedbox directly from the torrent website.

      Important: Always remember to login to your rutorrent webUI before using any of these plugins.

      1. Download the chrome extention from here Remote torrent adder : Torrent Adder Chrome extension

      Remote Torrent Adder for seedbox


      2. Go to settings in the chrome menu, check if the Remote torrent Adder has been enavled and then click on options

      Chrome etention for seedbox


      3. Choose extension from the menu on the left then scroll to the remote torrent adder extension and check if it is enabled and then click on options

      Enabling Remote torrent downloader extention for chrome for seedbox


      4. In the options menu fill up the details as below screenshot with your seedbox details:

      Settings for Remote Torrent Adder for Seedbox


      5. Go to your favorite torrent website on the torrent download link right click and in the sub menu select the seedbox name that you had used in the remote torrent adder extention for your seedbox .

      Adding torrent to seedbox with Remote Torrent adder


      6. Once done your torrent would start to download automatically on your seedbox

      B. For Firefox

      1. Get Bit-torrent webui plugin : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bittorrent-webui-120685/

      rutorrent firefox torrent adder plugin

      2.Use the below settings in the firefox plugin:

      setting for remote torrent adder plugin for firefox


      If you are any further questions feel free to comment or ping us at chat.


      • HemantBhardwaj

        Awesome you save my Time :like:

      • rszatny

        I received a failure message when I tried to remote WEB UI. Stated irregular HTTP code

      • DaylinPerry

        rszatny I get the same error

      • DaylinPerry rszatny You have to login to the rutorrent on chrome, It should work fine then.

      • howarmat

        seedbox DaylinPerry rszatny getting same error with dedi seedbox