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      VPN for Seedbox

      In this tutorial we will explain you how to use the VPN that is provided with your seedbox.

      Very Important :

      Remember to always run the open VPN software as Administrator or you will put yourself at risk:

      Run Open VPN as administrator

      Step 1 .

      Download open vpn from this website open vpn for seedbox

      Step 2.

      Install the software and run it . Make sure to install TAP drivers when there is a popup.

      Step 3.

      Download the zip file from the openvpn link provided in your mail.

      Step 4. Open the folder location of the Open vpn config folder in your HDD the below screenshots will help you with the process

      Locate congig folder for vpn for sedbox

      open file location for open vpn for seedbox

      Go one folder up to reach the base folder for installation

      Go One folder up for open vpn seedbox


      Open the config folder in it




      config folder for open vpn

      Step 5.

      Now open the config zip folder that you had downloaded earlier and browse to the open vpn config file:

      Screenshot below

      open the seedbox vpn zip file File to extract into the config folder in open vpn for seedbox

      Step 6:

      Extract /Drag the client.ovpn file to the openvpn config folder Screenshot below.

      transfer th client file into openvpn config folder for seedbox


      Step 7.

      Run open vpn if you have not already done so and then go to the start up menu to find the openvpn icon and then click connect , screenshot below

      startup menu and click connect


      Ans you are all set and you have connected to vpn provided with your seedbox.


      For Mac Os users


      Update for mac users:

      We  advise Mac OS X users to change network settings and restart.

      Go to : System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Configure IPv6 > change from Automatically to Link-local only

      That change makes VPN more effective.

      To connect to Access Server from a MacOSX client computer, you need to follow these steps:
      Download and install an OpenVPN client for MacOSX
      Login to the Access Server’s Client Web Server and download the appropriate client config file (typically called “client.ovpn”)
      Run the OpenVPN client with the downloaded client config file
      A popular OpenVPN client for MacOSX is Tunnelblick. It can be obtained for free from http://code.google.com/p/tunnelblick/. Follow these basic steps to use Tunnelblick with OpenVPN Access Server:
      Download the Tunnelblick_version.dmg file from http://code.google.com/p/tunnelblick/.
      Open the downloaded disk image file (which mounts the disk image).
      Drag the Tunnelblick icon (may be labelled “Tunnelblick.app”) to your Applications folder.

      After logging in to the Access Server’s Client Web Server, download the client.ovpn file and place it in the ~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations folder on the Mac.

      In New systems if you cant find the folder just double click on client.ovpn .
      Run Tunnelblick by double-clicking its icon in the Applications folder.
      The first time Tunnelblick is run on a given Mac, it will ask the user for the user’s password (on the Mac system). This is because Tunnelblick must have root privileges to run, as it modifies network settings as part of connecting to the VPN.