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About Us

About US

We are the Cheap seedbox company


2008 - Present

What we strive to Achive?

We beleive that the internet was meant to be free and we strive to keep the flame alive for generations ot come.

Our Vision

TO mo make ce seedboxes affordable to everyone in the world.

2008 - 2018

Our Growth

From a one man show to 7 dedicated staff we have coem a long way since the inception of our initial seedboxes. We are currently working on bringing more learning resources to our users, and becomeing part of tehir growth story as well.

About TIM

Tim is the founder of cheapseedboxes.es What started off as a hobby has now turned into a top noth information resource on digital privacy.

team Members

We believe in annonomity & yours as well

Speed of our servers


We Are hosted

The most beautiful city of Amsterdam

Support 24x7

What makes us differnt?

App Integrations with seedbox 100%
Privacy Maintained 100%
Support to Users 92%
Ease of Use 99%
Tutorial in multiple languages 51%


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Reach Tim

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