About us

Superboxes gives you an optimized, fast, and totally customizable Seedbox that fits your every need. Whether you’re looking for optimised storage for your torrents or download speeds for your favorite videos, we will have something that fits.

Rylan Tolbert

Rylan Tolbert


Our Team

Tim Michaels CEO
Robert Dean COO
Christian Romero CTO

Our Expertice

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Best Technology

All the major plugins come already Installed. With Us you get the best value for your money.

Remote Torrent Adder

Downloading a torrent tracker from the website and then selecting the tracker file and then uploading on your seedbox can be quite tedious sometimes, especially if you are downloading small files.

Kodi Streaming

Stream from your Seedbox A lot of people have been asking me, what would be the best way to watch movies or TV shows streaming directly from their Seedbox servers. After trying a lot of different application I think, Kodi is one of the best software for the job.

Faster FTP Guide

If you are a customer from the USA, Australia or parts of Europe not sharing the same network, you might experience slow speeds when downloading files from your seedbox using FileZilla.