I get a lot of questions on people asking me what is an anonymous seedbox. In this article I would like to point out few things that will help you understand better.

  1. Running seedbox itself is anonymous because the tormenting doesn’t take place in your pc but rather on a server.
  2. It is definitely not recommended to have your seedbox details linked to your payment account on the company provider’s server, in case the website is hacked all details are out in open.
  3. Ensure your rutorrents link has a basic https encryption.
  4. VPN is definitely a bonus if your country has already started blocking torrent websites.
  5. Always use sftp to transfer files, though FTP is also not monitored by the ISP’s , but encryption is definitely better.
  6. Do not share your seedbox link in public or share with other individuals.
  7. Ensure you have a strong password , in case you are not able to login your account inform your provider immediately.
  8. While registering do not put your exact details , neither use your original email password while registering for a seedbox.
  9. That’s pretty much it . If you need clarification on any of these topics feel free to contact us.