Auto Renewal default via Paypal in wicked servers and seedboxsolutions

After many requests on how to start automated billing from customers so they can avoid forgetting and going overdue we have decided to now make Paypal subscriptions for automated renewals by default/mandatory when paying for seedboxes using Paypal.

This means that when paying next invoice you will be taken to an automated billing agreement which means that Paypal will automatically bill you on same date each month and this payment will renew your seedbox for you.  Once this agreement has been setup you do not need to manually pay invoice next month or any future renewal of your service. Please note you can cancel your seedbox at any time you wish.

Alternatively if you wish to keep paying manually using Paypal each month you will need to use the Add Fundsoption in client area and then apply these funds to your invoice. If you add funds in advance of an invoice been generated the funds will automatically be applied for you.

If you wish to Cancel your seedbox and Billing Agreement this can be done at any time via client area in your services menu. You can choose “immediate” and “at end of billing”. Cancelling a service with us stops invoices been generated but any automated billing subscriptions are created at your payment processor (eg Paypal) and its there you must go to cancel any subscriptions. Any over-payments are automatically added to your account credit by system. Please note Refunds/Partial Refunds cannot be given for early cancellations. We cannot refund any subscription payments for none canceled products after renewal.

If you have any questions please contact support.

Merry Christmas from all the team at Wicked Servers Group!

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