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There are many parameters to make a seedbox best, we at cheap seedboxes work extensively on understanding what would make the best seedbox.

The main points we kept in mind while choosing our best seedbox are as follows:




4.FTP access


6. Service

The best seedbox  sequentially best on these parameters are as below, click on the individual seedboxes to visit their website, we believe that based on these parameters you can select the best seedbox based on your requirements

Seedstuff 60 GB Unmetered YES None 9.99$  
Seedbox Space Bandwidth FTP access Limitations Cost Service
CUTorrent 100 Mbps 500GB Unmetered Yes Only private trackers 14$ Very Fast
Ajseedbox 1Gbps 200GB Unmetered Yes No Limit 15$ Very Fast
Dedi Seedbox 1Gbps 200GB Unmetered Yes No Limit 20$ Very Fast
Pulsemedia 100mbps 750 GB Unmetered Yes No limit 17$ Fast
Santrex 1Gbps 200 GB Unmetered Yes 40 Active torrents 20$ Fast
Seedboxsolutions 1Gbps/200Mbit 300 GB Unmetered Yes Bandwidth cap 20$ Fast
Ultraseedbox 1GBPS 450GB Unmetered Yes No limit 32$ Very Fast

best seedbox

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