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=BHD Autodl=

Go to rutorrent autodl plugin and IRC Servers and complete like in the picture
port: 6667
nick: your site username
password: what password you like (you must remember it because you can't change this password)
email: registered email from BHD
Press NEW
irc channel: #bit-hdtv
password: you will find it on site

!Warning!: BHD irc is on p2p-network IRC, if you already registered on another trackers on this irc don't worry you can use that nick also.

After you login on BHD on mozilla you need to go Firefox->options->options->privacy->remove individual cookies

Now search bit-hdtv
You will se something like this

you need s_su ,h_sp and h_sl content

Go to autodl plugin Trackers and find BHD tracker, you see something like this

You need to put the cookies
where xxx yyy zzz are the content what you find in Mozilla explained above

Now we need to config the filters depending on what we want to download
go to autodl plugin and filters

Now it works for all filters category, release, tags etc, you must experiment with it

very important!: Match sites: bithdtv

Credits go to the user form BHD for this tutorial

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