So finally you might have realised the potential of private trackers and and how much better they are in terms of quality torrents as well as the speeds that you get while downloading them or you have been using torrents all your life and suddenly you realise that you are no more being allowed to download torrents , or someone is watching your ass through you ip address and if you might they would disable your internet access, or you might have been downloading from private trackers only to realise that you have got a warning and your account will be pruned if you don’t maintain the ratio or you can pay up donate for ratio at very high prices? but do you think all the people in these trackers are really paying such high amounts for downloading, my friend you are wronged the reason for all this is You don’t have a seedbox. Unfortunately, it also means your days on that l33t tracker are highly numbered.    The solution? Set up a seedbox.

A seedbox is BitTorrent jargon for a dedicated high-speed server used explicitly for torrent transfers; more specifically – for uploading (seeding) at high rates. With a seedbox you’ll be able to manage your torrents through a browser from anywhere, anytime. Here’s 10 reasons for the advantages of using a seedbox over conventional home-based BitTorrent transfers:

Seedbox Hosting Speed Space Bandwidth Limitations Cost Special
CUTorrent Top Seedbox 100 Mbit 500GB Unmetered Only private trackers 14$ Promanager Extreme
Fusion VPS Top Seedbox 250Mbit 333GB Unmetered No Limit 17$ VPS Seedbox
Ajseedbox  Top Seedbox 1Gbit 200GB Unmetered No Limit 15$ 1Gbit from 6 Euro
DTSleecch 100Mbit 225 Unmetered No Limit 11$ 2Users/Server
Dedi Seedbox  Top Seedbox 1Gbit 200GB Unmetered No Limit 20$ 1gbs Top
Pulsemedia Top Seedbox 100Mbit 750 GB Unmetered No limit 17$ cost/GB very low
Santrex Top Seedbox 1Gbit 200 GB Unmetered 40 Active torrents 20$ Netherlands
Seedboxsolutions Top Seedbox 1Gbit/200Mbit 300 GB Unmetered Bandwidth cap 20$ 200mbit After capped
Ultraseedbox Top Seedbox 1Gbit 450GB Unmetered No limit 32$ Multiple Offshore
CUTorrent Top Seedbox 10Gbit 500GB Unmetered No Limit 30 $ 10 Gbit seedbox
ROSE hosting VPS 100Mbit 30GB Unmetered 4 TB 20$ Custom VPS
Ultraseedbox Top Seedbox 300Mbit 900gb DEDICATED 5tb 32$ Dedicated Seedbox

Wildcard Entry

DTSleecch 100Mbit 225 Unmetered No Limit 11$ 2Users/Server

1. Speed.

Ofcourse when you choose a seedbox it has got amazing speeds generally anything between 100mbps to 10 gbps such speeds are incredible in terms of downloading from trackers also they can upload at the same speeds so after downloading when you upload within a short amount of time you will have uploaded a lot of GB\s through your seedboxes. Voila you will have ratio that will be of everyone’s envy in these private trackers.

2. Downloading.

Downloading is siplified the seedbox can download the torrents at amazing speeds once its downloaded , you can easily download it through ftp software’s like filezilla or even your web browser would do.

“3. Uploading.

Serious torrenters are less concerned about the downloading, and more about the seeding. Good ratios are crucial to a healthy membership – without them, the account will wither away and die. With a seedbox, your ratio will be 1:1 on the torrent within minutes, not days. 10:1 ratios are not uncommon within the first hour for popular torrents.

Uploading is the real reason users set up a seedbox.

No more do you have to seed the torrent for weeks just to stay in the good graces of your private tracker. You’ll be free to delete & pause torrents, and replace them with fresher ones. Unlike home Internet accounts that typically have much slower upload rates than down, seedboxes don’t suffer from upload limitations and can ‘max out’ the transfer rate in both directions equally.”

4. Competition.

Youmight not understand now  but in private trackers the members are very competitive and one of the critical reasons of some members having more power is the ratio they have which serves as adding value to the community , this value is then transferred to the member who has been elemental in contributing to the tracker website. Mostly all top memebers in a tracking websites are using seedboxes . So either you get seedboxes or you get left behind.


5. Your home Internet is untouched.complete peace of mind through the best seedboxes

your personal internet gets freed up and also it saves on the resources , seedboxes keep on seeding all the time hence you dont have to worry about seeding anymore , your seedbox will take care of it. Complete peace of min.

6.  ISP limit the monthly throughput on your account? Not anymore 🙂

You don’t have to worry about your ISP caps any more even though you  might have a limited bandwidth the seedbox trafiic is not accounted in your ISP . The only time it becomes ‘your’ traffic is when you choose to download the files from a finished torrent to your home PC theough and FTP, and uploading torrent as much torrent you want will never eat away your home bandwidth..

7. Good ratios has great perks.

With better ratios you will be upgraded to power user/extreme user/ vip  which will mean that you will get invites into your account which you can later on trade for invites at better trackers also you can make more friends through this process as more people will communicate to you seeing that you are already a valued member in a tracker site.

8. Got a bad ISP that reduced speeds P2P traffic?

It wont affect you anymore from now on you have a independent seedbox server which irrespective of the speed of your ISP ensure that your speeds are at it bests and you downloads and uploads continue irrespective of your ISP’s limits . you can leter on download the files through ftp or even http browser.

9. Greater file selection- Be empowered.

Now that you will have a decent ratio now you can download exactly the files you want , as seedboxes are always given priority the uploading will take care of itself and you will be comfortable downloading the files you always wanted rather than the files you downloaded to maintain ratios’s.

10. They’re Safe & Secure and anonymous .

antip2p groups cannot trace your acivities anymore the seedboxes are on remote servers and they process virtually you don’t even need a bittorrent software for it, with downloads from ftp’s which are encrypted even your ISP cannot track of your activities.

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