Seedbox Scholarship

Cheapseedbox is committed to make knowledge accessible for everyone specifically in the domain of Linux. We wish to anchor your career & hence we are holding a scholarship of 1500 $ once a year. Anyone who is studying :

is eligible for our scholarship. We support opensource development and have funded many opensource projects. This scholarship helps students pursue  their dream projects in opensource.

The scholarships is awarded once a year on Word Computer Literacy Day that is 2nd December which resonates with the culture at Cheapseedbox. 

How to apply?

Our experts have a knack for talent & hence the process to apply is as simple as this:  Create a  proposal  (800 words)  with a  concept note / script / project plan  for a new opensource development in Linux or a project that you are currently working on, which can be based on any of the below topics.

What more:

Eligibility: 70%ile in course exam  (Worldwide) for students who are enrolled  & High School Results for students planning to enroll in an accredited college or university

To register your entry complete this form : 

Deadline: The deadline for submitting application is  2nd October 2017


The winner will need to submit the following proofs  : 


Judgement will be solely a decision of the experts at  Cheapseedbox. Points will we awarded based on the viability and value of the proposal submitted. The evaluations are confidential and at the discretion of Cheapseedbox.  All decisions with respect to the scholarship are final and binding.

Privacy & Confidentiality: Your privacy is our priority , we will keep the information shared by you enclosed and be used for the sole purpose of deciding the scholarship winner(s).

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