Step 1.

Get filezilla  from here  FTP Seedbox Software.

Run the installation and open filezilla it should look something like this :

Filezilla seedbox

Step 2.

Now from the mail that you have received after you have signed up for seedbox have to fill in the details in the filezilla

The most important details you need to now down

1. Host : The IP address of the seed box which would be in mail as ftp address something like

2. Username : as provided in your seedbox details

3. Password: As Provided in your seedbox details

4. For FTP use port : 21 for sftp use port 22 (or as provided in your seedbox details)

Note it down somewhere.

Step 3 : Input the details on your filezilla box as shown below

By default all files downloaded move to downloads/manual

A. For ftp without encryption

FTP seedbox without encryption


b) sFTP Seedbox with encryption:

In this case you have to change just your port address in filezilla everything remains same:

FTP seedbox with sftp encryption


4. Just click quick connect and that should be it 🙂

ps: Please note that the details filled in this tutorial are dummy , fill in your filezilla with details you have received in your mail.

If you are receiving low speeds on your ftp , You can increase the number of downloads at a  time.

Increase the number of connection to your seedbox


Feel free to discuss more on the chat in bottom right of the page if you need any specific help with this .


Happy Seedboxing