How to split the files through SSH before downloading it through FTP
May 12, 2013 2:19 pm
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You’ll likely come across big torrents and the last thing you want to is transfer a 25GB .mkv and then see your internet connection or PC die and the transfer corrupt. The solution is simple – split via .rar. Simply log on to your server via SSH:

Download Putty Here:

– For Windows, install Putty, fill in the server info, then hit connect.
putty SSh Seedbox
– Enter your username and password. Your password won’t appear when you type. This is normal.

– Type ls, you need to find the folder where your files are stored.

– Type cd xxxx (cd is change directory), hit enter, where xxxx is the folder where your files are stored. For me its cd files.

This is generalyy the seed folder

so you should type something like CD Seed

If you are not sure then you can always ask your seedbox provider.

– Type ls again to find the file or folder

– cd if required

– Now, enter rar a -r -rr10 -m0 -v1000M whatever.rar xxxxxxxxxxxx

Wait, what?

rar invokes the rar program (it needs to be installed, and any half decent provider should have it installed)
a adds file(s)/folder(s)
-r (don’t forget the hyphen) recurses directories. In plain English it includes all folders and files. Skip this if you only want one single file. For folders type a bit of the name then hit Tab until it completes. So for a folder called This is It, type This, then Tab, then It (if required), then Tab until you see the name.
-rr10 (again don’t forget the hyphen) adds 10% recovery records, just in case something falls over you might just be able to repair the archive.
-m0 stores files, no compression. You can go up to 5, but a crappy CPU will be maxed out if you do. If your server isn’t dedicated, keep this mind.
-v1000M splits files into 1GB parts
whatever.rar is the name of the rar set. It will automatically add all the part numbers
xxxxxxxxxxxx is the name of what you want to compress

Hit enter and wait. On my Atom box it pushed the CPU to 80% (better than the old pokey Celeron which hit 100%) and takes a few mins.

Then transfer the parts.

Well worth it for the big files!