seedbox for privacy if you are in USA article in The Guardian mentioned that Obama regime is going to make cyber laws much more stricter while these concerns have nothing to with downloading torrents , but when the big net is thrown small fish is not spared either.What I mean by this is if they are going to put in more tracking mechanisms its inevitable that downloading activities will also get monitored, after the 6 strike policy got a little diluted this seems to be a good time that they would try to re-implement the mechanisms for it.Seedbox privacy seems to be one of the most effective tool under these circumstances.

What are your options

1. Get a dedicated box in Netherlands/France(countries with less strict torrenting regulations) and configure vpn

2. Get a Virtual private server from(countries with less strict torrenting regulations) and configure vpn

3. Get a seedbox with vpn provided with it.


Now with opening of modern technologies like prism and all data monitoring would be more rampant though such privacy breach has been reoported but the action taken taken by US is almost next to zero , and its been more about catching snowden which is so sad.

So what do I suggest:

1.For basic download needs stick to seedboxes in netherlands or countries where seedbox hosting is allowed

2. Stick to private trackers , with seedbox you should not face such a difficulty to maintain ratio .

3. Use seedboxes which provide VPN , now some people will argue that if you use ftps then it should not matter but I do suggest it so that you have one more layer added to your computer and isp so your ISP will have a difficult ime tracking your activities also it prevents any malicious websites / application to get realtime data.


Maybe its being more paranoid but the privacy breach is real and in coming days it not going to get any better. You can real the guardian article here:

If you need a good starting point to find a cheap seedbox for your need check out my article

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