Seedbox Vs VPN for Torrenting
November 13, 2015 9:53 pm
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Recently with the increase in surveillance or rather uncovering of DMCAs like Prism and probably more such creepy programs run by the Governments . Also big money controlling Hollowood studios just added into the equation DCMA, Hadoopi etc . ISP’s are literally monitoring all your Internet activity and whats gets more interesting is any company operating in the United States is obligated to the US government to share the data if it so requires , to bring it in perspective its more like your postage company scans your mails and sends a copy to the US government , I personally think Its even more scary and no one gives much focus to it but next time you save something on your googledrive or Facebook or some cloud which is affiliated to such project your data if I understand correctly is not really private.

In this post we would be more concerned with torrenting and what are the best methods you can keep your data private and well some recommendation on how to maintain your privacy well.

First lets discuss about VPN.

In layman terms its a server configured with encryption , when you purchase a VPN service your data is first being encrypted and then transmitted hence no legible data can be read by your ISP . Of course there are various VPN protocols and you can probably read of ton of information online regarding VPN but think of it as intermediate encryption.

Sp what are the things you should consider before getting a VPN service? (at least for torrenting)

  1. Does it allow torrenting , just because you are getting a VPN doesn’t mean you can torrent with it .
  2. Does it keep logs? If you are using a VPN service which does keep log it isn’t that bad but well defeats the entire point of privacy so look in their TOS wether they delete logs daily.
  3. What is the network speed , if your ISP runs at high speed and you use a vpn which has lower network speed you would end up with the lower speed of the VPN so ensure you read properly before selecting the VPN.
  4. Does your VPN let you connect to multiple locations and is your location listed. I would recommend if some location nearby is there in the list so you can reduce latency.

Now some Pros and Cons of VPN. Lets go with the pros first:

Pros of  VPN:

  1. Its is generally cheaper , I would definitely recommend private internet access its at 4 $ with all options and I definitely think spending more on VPN is not a good idea.
  2. You get choice of multiple Ip’s so you can access blocked websites in your country , not in US and want to use Neflix? well VPN is a good solution for it.
  3. Very easy to setup .
  4. VPN’s cant be throttled by ISP so if there is a certain port/protocol your ISP is throttling , well its your pass to free yourself from it.

Cons of VPN:

  1. You have to ensure you are connected to the vpn all the time , yeah might sound a bit noobish but if you forget doing it properly you could get into trouble .
  2. Speeds of VPN and latency do matter so if you are thinking of torrenting the VPN speeds might even lower your Bandwidth speeds.
  3. It provides no HDD space to seed 24×7.

Part 2 . Things to consider before getting a seedbox , first we will provide you a breief overview of the seedbox system.

In laymans terms seedbox is a cloud torrenting service , it comes with a torrent web application , Your private HDD space on the server. If you want to read more you can definitely read the article ” what is a seedbox?” article.

Things to consider when getting a seedbox.

  1. Does it allow sftp , sftp is a secure protocol do you can download your files from server with encryption , it is very imprortant that you have this feture.
  2. Are downloads from public torrents allowed, or if you are interested in uploading in public tracker read the TOS properly.
  3. Is VPN provided.
  4. Location of the seedbox sever, Leaseweb NL is supposed to be the most peered network.

No lets move onto pros and cons of Seedbox

Pros of Seedbox:

  1. It is on cloud so no torrenting activity is on your PC.
  2. Its great to build ratio on private tracker because a seedbox can seed 24×7 and at relatively high speeds.
  3. You can stream content from your seedbox server.
  4. Its a good personal storage so you dont have to download all the content on your pc at once.
  5. There are various plugins to manage your content and organise your downloads properly.
  6. A lot of providers provide apps like plex, subsonic etc it can come handy if you are into it.

Cons of Seedbox.

  1. Has a bit of learning curve.
  2. VPN provided is not generally multiple location.

I hope this article helps you to  make your decision , you care looking for god cheap seedboxes you can find at Top 10 seedbox cheap.

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