Couchpotato setup with seedbox

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Couchpotao is a nice tool in case you want to automate the downlaods in your seedbox. In this tutorial we are going to discuss how you can easily configure couchpotato with your seedbox , we use the blackhole method for coutchpotato it is very easy to setup.
Step 1. Follow this tutorial on mounting a sftp encrypted drive on your computer : 
It is very important to make sure if your SFTP mount is working properly, before you proceed to further steps.
Step 2 : Go to coucthpotato website at and download the latest version of couchpotato from there.


Step 3 . Once The installation is completely couchpotato will run in your browser




Step 4: Click on downloaded and make the settings as shown in the screenshot and make the settings shown:




My seedbox SFTP is mounted on drive J: so I would browse have to browse to J:/downloads/watch, the below image will give you some idea so set it up accordingly based on the drive you might have mounted your seedbox sftp drive.




So Now browse to this location in couchpoatato and browse to the watch folder




So finally it should look something like this :




Step 5. Testing Balckhole should give you this message response :




Steps 6 : ensure that you have set up searcher settings properly in couch potato




your couchpoatato is now linked to your seedbox, and should work accordingly , the searcher settings you might have to look into which you can google for online , explaining them is beyond the scope of this tutorial.
Please remember in order to have the system working sftp drive is mounted at all times .


If you have any further questions put it in comments we will try to incorporate teh solutions in the tutorial .