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Using Btsync with Seedbox

Using btsync with seedbox can make your life much easier in terms of transferring your files from your seedbox , but to do it properly requires a few steps which would make the process seamless and transfer  data properly.

Before starting with the tutorial for btsync here are a few things you should have in mind :

  1. If you directly sync your downloads folder it would sync your incomplete downloads all the time which is not helpful and you would be spending your ISP bandwidth Unnecessarily.
  2. you can use btsync for lot of automation like sysnc your watch folder to directly load torrents from your PC to your seedbox.
  3. Btsync is available for all platforms , we would be discussing windows but the process is more or less the same in all platforms.

We will be covering all these topics in detail except the other sues of automation with btsync as it will be covered in another Topic

Step 1: We will create new folder in rutorrent called completed wither with filemanager in rutorrrent or Btsync, you can also do this process via ftp if it is more comfortable for you

browsing to make folder in seedbox for btsync


Step 2 : Go to to your settings and choose the auto move options and select the settings as shown in the screenshot , this will ensure that completed downloads move to the complete folder , that way btsync will not start syncing partial downloads. In case automove tools is not working , your seedbox just needs a restart it can be found in this location : https://cheapseedboxes.com/restart-seedbox/


Step 3 : Download btsync from here from this location http://filehippo.com/download_bittorrent_sync/

Step 4: Install btsync and once done it will  open up on your browser




Step 5 . Ask for a btsync installation on your box from support area, the support staff will crate you a btsync account installed on your seedbox server.

Step 6 : Open the Btsync link provided in support and insert your seedbox username and password to login the btsync on the seedbox.


Step 7 : Select this is my first Btsync device


then choose the completed folder in your seedbox, this is the folder that will be synced


It should look something like this on your seedbox btsync


Step 8 : Go to settings on the Btsync seedbox and select my devices


Step 9 : Then link device to your computer, once you click that in the next screen if you have a device that supoorts


Then select link device manually


Then copy the key



Step 10 : Now go the btsync installed in your PC/mac and select manual connection in your computer btsync



then click next

Step 11 :Choose the folder on your computer where the files will be syncd from the seeedbox


Once done it will start syncing,


this should sync your files from your completed folder to your computer on your designated folder ., If you have further questions put it on comments we will add the solution in teh tutorial to make things easier.


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