Why choose our Seedbox?

We ensure unparalleled support along with complete privacy to ensure your experience is seamless


Global Seedbox Presence

We have Global backbones with all major ISP ensuring amazing ping times and uptimes.

Seedbox One click apps

Install all your favourite seedbox apps with just one click.


All apps are deployed in the dockerised environment to give you uncompromised safety.


We practice Zero Log policy that means we do not record your activities or what you do online.


Google Drive interface is provided to sync files between seedbox and Gdrive.

7 Day Money Back

In case you don’t like our services just raise a ticket with us and we will refund you.

We have 24 preinstalled one-click apps, making your own media centre is super easy


For Downloaders
300 GB
1 Gbps Unlimited
rTorrent + ruTorrent
All Trackers
Live Support
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For Casual Users
1 Gbps Unlimited
rTorrent + ruTorrent
All Trackers
Live Support
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For Intermediate user
1 Gbps Unlimited
rTorrent + ruTorrent
All Trackers
Live Support
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For Expert User
1 Gbps Unlimited
rTorrent + ruTorrent
All Trackers
Live Support
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Robust hardware so you can get seamless performance even with high speed I/O due to data transfers with no lags.

All Access is encrypted with SSL, providing state of the art security and anonymity for you online. All your data is securely stored in the cloud.


I have bought a seedbox plan what do I do next?

Once you have paid for your seedbox we send you a mail with all your login details etc, in case you are still waiting for the mail it is likely that it ended up in your spam mail, if you still cant find it then please raise a support ticket to us from your client area or let us know in the online chat.

How are we more secure?

Most seedbox companies use an automated system which is linked to the billing mechanism that’s linked to your seedbox, however our systems don’t link your seedbox to the billing system and all of the seedbox details are maintained manually on an offline system, so even if the website is hacked, there are no details to be found – giving you complete peace of mind.

Do we keep Logs?


Where are our Servers Located?


Do you have any bandwidth limit?

No, But to be fair to all users on server if there is a abnormal usage on a account we regulate its uplaod speeds.

I am Outside Europe will that affect my download speeds?

Your download speeds shouldn’t be affected too much. If you are experiencing slow FTP speeds then you can use multi-segmenting download and increase the number of connections on Cuteftp or Igetter, however you shouldn’t have any issues when downloading from our servers.

How do I cancel services?

To cancel a service, log into your client area, navigate to the services section and there you can choose your plan and cancel it, no questions asked.

Can torrents added remotely on Seedbox?

Yes we have configured a chrome extension which should work perfectly with your seedbox.

What is a Seedbox?

It is a remote server with a torrent web application , where in you can just upload the tracker files and it would download the torrent , which you can further transfer to your PC with either using a VPN provided with the seedbox or transfer with a software like cuteFTP or filezilla with encryption to stay out of your ISP montitoring.

Do we provide VPN with our seedbox?


Which torrent web-application do we use?


Does downloading from seedbox keep me out of my ISP monitoring?

Yes if you download with sftp or use VPN(provided with your seedbox) your data is encrypted

Do we have any lock in contract ?

No, also our payments are through PayPal and you have full control over cancelling any subscription.

Do you allow public trackers ?

Downloads have no limit but uploads on public trackers is suspended. Brazilian trackers “manimoco” and “bj-share” has been suspended due to their abnormal torrent swarm.

Is Autodl-irssi Installed in our Seedboxes?


Are apps available on all plans?

Yes all apps are available on all plans without restriction.

Need a custom configuration?

Just chat with us, we will customise the box to your needs.

What Clients Say About Us

excellent communication!!! A+++ I had many many questions due to the fact I don’t have any extensive computer skills and was not sure about anything to do with seedboxes but customer support was very knowledgeable and walked me through everything step by step, answered every question I could think of; made the process extremely easy to learn and understand. I really appreciate all the help and will definitely recommend this company to any and everyone. 100% satisfaction!


Superbox User

I am brand new to the world of Seedboxes (have tried 2 of them). In the end I am sticking with cheapseedboxes because of the great service!!! Also, they are the cheapest service I found for all the storage I got. – Happy Customer


Superbox 1

“My first time with a seed box tech support helped me all the way tim was very helpful . I will stay with these guys just for that .”


Superbox1 User

Custom Seedboxes

Just contact us on the support box on the right bottom corner of your screen and we can work something out based on your requirements.


Best Prices in the Industry

With Us you get the best value for money.


Live Support

We along with Tickets , we give live support almost 12 hrs a day.


Best Technology

All the major plugins come already Installed.