Refund Policy

These Terms of Service (hereinafter, referred to as the “Terms”) is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and  Cheap Seedbox having an address at 34 shivanshu bungalows, Vasna, Vadodara, India  (hereinafter, referred to as “Cheap Seedbox”, “we”, “our”, “us”) for the services provided through the website  (hereinafter, referred to as the “Services”) (hereinafter, you and Cheap Seedbox are sometimes collectively referred to as the “Parties” and each individually a “Party”). By using or purchasing the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.


The service allows the user to host files digitally using a remote server. This should be used for legal purposes only. Users are not allowed to use the services for downloading, uploading or streaming illegal content like pornography and more, sending spam and other advertisements, or any other purpose that can cause any inconvenience to other users of Cheap Seedbox.

You are illegally using the website if you are under the age of 16 or you are underage in the country that you are using the service.

Steps to purchase the Service:

Below is the step that you will have to go through in order to obtain the service

1. Open the website of cheap seedbox (now referred to as ”website”)

2. Open the pricing page and select the type of service that you want to purchase.

3. Click on “Order Now”

4. Review the Service and select the cycle of payment. Click on continue

5. The cart will open that has the Service in it. Click on Checkout. You can also add any promo code if you have

6. Enter the personal details and select the medium of payment. Click on Complete order.

7. Complete the payment for the selected service.

Once the payment is done and the Service is purchased, both the parties are under legal contract to follow the terms of service and privacy policy provided.

When registering an account on the website, you must provide Cheap Seedbox with the most accurate data and complete information. You must update the information if there are any changes after the initial registration.

Except if you practice the right of withdrawal expressed below, you are not qualified for a discount of any costs paid by you before the end of your administration contract. On the off chance that you practice the right of withdrawal, you are qualified for a full discount of any costs paid by you before the end of your administration contract. The right of withdrawal doesn’t have any significant bearing to support contracts identified with our committed servers. By signing up for the Services, you automatically sign up for receiving our newsletter.

Intellectual property rights in the Website

All title and copyrights in and to the substance of the Website, including, however not restricted to, any applets, sound, GIF, pictures, photos, music, and content are claimed by Cheap Seedbox or its providers. The substance of the Website is secured by copyright laws and global copyright understandings. Subject to these Terms, Cheap Seedbox, therefore, gives you a non-selective and non-transferable permit to utilize the substance of the Website. Cheap Seedbox may end this permit in the event that you break these Terms.

Your Content

You hold copyright as well as every single other right which you as of now hold in the substance which is put away on, or conveyed through the Services (hereinafter, alluded to as the “Your Content”).

By utilizing the Services, you concur that Cheap Seedbox may: (I) adjust or in any case make changes to Your Content because of the specialized prerequisites of gadgets, media, associating systems, and administrations; (ii) transmit or circulate Your Content around the world; (iii) transmit or disperse Your Content over different open systems and in different media; (iv) use different outsider programming, administrations or foundation with the mean to encourage adjustment, conveyance, and transmission of Your Content.

By utilizing or potentially buying the Services, you concur that you will be completely liable for all Your Content. You, therefore, recognize that you have legitimate rights to store and appropriate Your Content. You, therefore, recognize that Your Content is lawful under (I) the laws of the nation wherein Cheap Seedbox is based, (ii) the laws of the nation or area where you dwell, and (iii) the laws of the nation or locale where Your Content is genuinely put away.

To secure the clients of Cheap Seedbox, we hold the right, without an earlier notification, to stop the activity of a server if our checking frameworks show that that server has malware, mining programming, or another programming that over-burdens our system.


The costs shown on the Website are shown in two monetary forms, to be specific, RS and USD. You can choose the Currency where you might want to follow through on the costs. The costs stay substantial as long as they are shown on the Website. We may adjust our cost every once in a while. The cost pertinent is that set at the date on which you request your Services.


You can buy the Services by utilizing (1) PayPal ( or (2) bitcoins (

PayPal may gather installment data from you which will permit PayPal to make the installments mentioned by you. PayPal handles all the means in the installment procedure on their sites, including information assortment and data processing. If it’s not too much trouble give your own data to PayPal simply in the wake of looking into its privacy policy and terms of service.

It is your duty to check that all exchange data and transaction information are right. Cheap Seedbox will have no responsibility for exchanges which are off base because of variables outside Cheap Seedbox’s ability to control.

Cheap Seedbox acknowledges no obligation regarding refusal or inversion of installments, which will be an issue among you and the supplier of installment administrations. If you don’t make the installments required for utilizing the Services, we may hold or remove content put away by you on our servers.

Right of withdrawal.

Subject to the particulars of this section, you reserve the privilege to pull back from the administration contract inside 7 days without giving any explanation. The withdrawal time frame will terminate following 7 days from the day of the finish of the service contract. To practice the privilege of withdrawal, you should notify Cheap Seedbox of your choice to pull back from the service contract by an unequivocal statement. You can utilize the accompanying contact details to practice your rights of withdrawal: Email: [email protected] You may utilize the model withdrawal structure, yet it isn’t required. To fulfill the withdrawal time constraint, it is adequate for you to send your communication concerning your activity of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal time has expired.

Exceptions from the right of withdrawal.

Your right of withdrawal does not apply in the following cases:

1. If you use the services as a non-consumer (a ‘consumer’ is any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession); 

2. If the provision of the Services has started with your consent and the contract has been fully performed; or

3. We have a reason to believe that your request for withdrawal is abusive.

Impacts of withdrawal.

If you fit the bill for the right of withdrawal, we will repay all payments got from you, immediately and in any occasion not later than 7 days from the day on which we are notified about your choice to pull back from the service contract. We will complete such repayment utilizing the same methods for payments from you utilized for the initial transaction except if you have explicitly asked for something else; in any occasion, you won’t receive any charges because of such repayment. In the event that you have utilized the Services before conveying your desire for withdrawal to us, we maintain all authority to charge you the expense relating to the time span for which you have utilized the Services.

We don’t endure any abuse of our services. So as to prevent maltreatment of these Terms, Cheap Seedbox claims all authority to decline future services to (I) a client who looks for numerous refunds; and (ii) a client who has breached these Terms.

Customer Support

If you might want to send a client or technical support query to us, it would be ideal if you send a support ticket by utilizing the ticketing framework open through your client area. On the other hand, you can send your client or technical support query by utilizing the contact structure accessible at or send us an email at [email protected].

By buying the Services, you concur that the help gave by Cheap Seedbox is on an “as-is” and “as-available” premise. Cheap Seedbox doesn’t ensure that our support will be accessible whenever and additionally our support will be able to resolve your problem.

Service level agreement

Downtime compensation. If you can’t access the Services for a period surpassing 12 hours, Cheap Seedbox will issue to you credit equivalent to the span the downtime endured. Any downtime which lasts under 12 hours might or might not be credited. Cheap Seedbox won’t remunerate you for any downtime brought about by your ISP or your connectivity to our servers.

Additional downtime compensation. In our sole caution, we may give you a downtime remuneration which is more helpful than the downtime pay expressed in the previous Section. We won’t give any payment to loss of data brought about by a human mistake on your behalf.

Data Backup

You are solely liable for guaranteeing backup of Your Content except if you and Cheap Seedbox have arranged that the Services will incorporate backup. We will not be at risk for loss of data or inability to recover data irrespective of the type of failure.

Mere conduit

Cheap Seedbox and you agree that, when Cheap seedbox provides you the service, it is only acting as a mere conduit and in no way it takes responsibility for your content. It does not inspect your content and you are solely responsible for your content.

Third-Party Software

When you connect with a third party software to your seedbox then it does not mean that that software is under Cheap Seedbox. You will be bound by the terms of use of that third party software separately and Cheap Seedbox will not play any part in this.


By using the services you agree that Cheap Seedbox may process your personal information. You can read the privacy policy of Cheap Seedbox to know more.

Availability of Service

You agree that the services that are provided to you may, without a prior notification may interrupt at any time and may continue to do so for any duration. You agree that we shall not be liable for this under no circumstance.

Limitation of liability

To the degree not restricted by law, Cheap Seedbox will not be subject for any loss of benefits, loss of income, loss of contracts, loss of information or for any aberrant or considerable misfortune or harm of any sort at all emerging and whether brought about by tort (counting negligence), the break of the Terms or otherwise. Cheap Seedbox maximum total liability under the Terms whether in tort (counting negligence) or in any case will in no conditions surpass the sum payable by you to Cheap Seedbox according to the Services being referred to.




You agree to indemnify Cheap Seedbox harmless from all the expenses, liabilities and claims and losses incurred by us arising out of or in relation to the Services.

Force Majeure

Cheap Seedbox shall not be liable to you or other persons for any failure of performance of any obligation vested in these Terms if such failure is caused by any events beyond  Cheap Seedbox’s reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of terrorism, cable cuts, strikes, wars, fires, floods, vandalism, injunctions, hurricane, governmental acts, riots, third-party provider outages, injunctions, power crisis shortages, and explosions.

Violations of these Terms

If you violate any of the Terms, Cheap Seedbox will have the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate immediately the Services provided to you.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.

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