Distinguish between seedbox and a VPN?

A seedbox works independently from your internet service provider, which can also have VPN capabilities.

A seedbox does not rely on your internet connection,  it has its own server which comes with a fast port. Whereas in VPN it offers encrypted and anonymous connectivity to free servers in different locations which rely on your local bandwidth.Seedbox resides on the fact that it is in a remote location and under a different jurisdiction.

Can other users see the data in my seedbox?

Other seedbox users cannot see your data, they are locked to their own seedbox folders and cannot access anyone else's.

What is a Seedbox?

A Seedbox is a high Bandwidth allocation remote server for safely uploading and downloading of torrents from Peer 2 Peer network. It has a public IP address and can be accessed at any point of time. 

Apart from this, it also gives you root access to be able to host your own apps and software to run 24/7. All that high speed and computing power without using your home computer and risking your privacy.

How long does it take to set up my seedbox?

Our setup is done as soon as we have received your payment confirmation. About in just 2 minutes, you can start with your new seedbox.

In case if the user faces any error regarding the seedbox or any technical issue it will be solved in 6 to 12 hours.

You can contact us using our chat system or raise a ticket.

Can you transfer my data from my previous provider?

Yes, we can help you with transferring your old data from another seedbox.

Let us know using the chat or ticket system in case of such requests.

How fast can I download my files from your servers to my PC?

Downloading digital files from our server to your local computer is dependent on various factors, where one of them is your internet service provider on which the speed of downloading depends.

Does your seedbox provide backup?

Well yes and no both, we do provide backup for all the configuration done in your seedbox but we do not offer backup for your individual or personal files.

We only provide backup for your configuration and for your hard disk but not the personal files which are loaded in it.

Why is the seedbox important?

1. Superior network

Seedbox is beneficial for those who have poor connections and need to do a large amount of work. On one side where they have to pay a large amount to upgrade their home internet connection, seedbox can do it for a little price.

 2. Anonymity

Our seedbox comes with an app known as OpenVPN where the user can install it and use it without any trace to your IP address.

 3. Free storage area

Seedbox provides a huge amount of virtual hard disk for our users to utilize. The user can store any file they want without clogging up your personal hard disk with any data.

What applications do we offer?

We provide various types of apps embed to your seedbox according to the plan you choose.

This is the list of some apps that we offer rutorrent, plex, sonarr, emby, sickrage, nextcloud, bittorrent sync, openvpn, couchpotato,  jackett, medusa, pyload, sabnzbd, radarr, headphones, znc, ombi, plexpy, rapidleech, syncthing, subsonic, sick gear, nzbget etc.

Where are seedbox servers located?

Our main servers are located in the Netherlands


How do I cancel my subscriptions?

On your client area page where your hard disk is located, you can find a cancellation button. From that button, you can cancel your subscription of the seedbox.

What torrent file I choose to download so that I get a high ratio rate?

The protocol on which the torrent world works is “give me something to give you back”. Which means once you download a file from a torrent site it is expected you to upload a file too so that your download speed doesn’t collapse.

Seedbox is very proficient to help you in this as the user can download as many torrents as they want and doesn’t have to worry about the dropping speed because in backhand seedbox work as leecher and helps the user to seed back in higher speed than the download speed.


What payment options do you provide and in what currency?

The payment options that we provide are PayPal, credit card and Bitcoin and the currency we offer it in is $.


What happens if the seedbox crashes at some point?

Any crash or any technical issue that you face in your seedbox once you have purchased it will be rectified in 12 to 24 hrs of time. If the problem is bigger than we think we will notify you and provide the replacement of that seedbox, also try to solve that problem as soon as possible.

Do you offer a money back?

We have a 7-day money back guarantee policy.  You either love the seedbox we provide or get your money back within 7 days, but we can question why just to take feedback so that we improve.

Do you offer full plex access to all your plans?

No, we don’t offer plex access to all our plans, but the plans which include plex are given full access.

You can view the plan in the pricing section with all the description of our plans.

Do you share our data with others?

Not at all. We don't share any type of data or any vital information with any 3rd party company.

It is one of our best policies to provide privacy to our customers. All our users' data is saved in an offline computer and not shared with anyone.

Why are old torrents risky to download?

Old torrents are risky to download because bit torrents prefer clients which have already downloaded and uploaded a lot of data when you get into the pool of such old torrents with a multitude of seeders you already find that even though there might be leeches you won't be given as much preference.

If you seeders more than leeches then it is a bad idea to download the torrent.

Is it okay to download if it has 0 leechers?

Sometimes you might find that a new torrent might have 0 leechers but if you have an idea about how many times an average torrent gets downloaded then you can download it and seed, there is a good chance that you will receive leechers eventually.

Also, most of the trackers have free torrents, if you download don’t get disheartened soon let them seed for a while eventually you will find that these torrents will help you in building your ratio without hurting your download status.

What are seedboxes used for?

Primarily, Seedboxes are remote servers used for managing torrent files while maintaining your Privacy. But, modern seedboxes come with apps and other features that let you manage torrents, stream movies, or any video files too.

Are Seedboxes safe?

Seedboxes are very safe. There remote servers that are accessed using a highly-encrypted network. So, using a seedbox is safe and it helps you to manage torrent files without being at risk of losing your privacy.

Are Seedboxes with it?

Absolutely yes! Seedboxes are more than a remote server. They are high-speed servers that can help you download, seed, manage and stream your torrent files from any device, all while keeping your privacy intact.

So, if you are looking to use the BitTorrent network a.k.a. The torrent files, then a seedbox is a must-have.

How much does a seedbox cost?

The cost of a seedbox depends on the feature you get with the Seedbox. These features are hardware used in the server, space, network speed, bandwidth, apps like Plex, etc.

A nominal seedbox can start from as low as $3 per month and can reach above $80 per month.

What is the best seedbox?

There are many factors that you have to consider while looking for the “best” seedbox. Apart from the technicalities, services like Customer Support. Accessibility and ease of use must be considered.

A few top seedbox providers include cheap seedbox, evoseedbox, and iseedfast. They have a wide variety of plans from minimum price to high-end range with many exclusive features and great customer service.

Do I need a VPN with Seedbox?

You don’t need a VPN with a Seedbox or to access a seedbox, but the majority of the Seedboxes provide you with a free VPN to mask your IP with your Seedbox’s. This can be used to find torrents on the internet and be safe.

How does a Seedbox work?

Seedbox is a remote server that can be accessed from your device. You can control downloads, seeding, and ratio of your torrent files using a dashboard. So all your torrent files are being used from a remote server, that has a different IP address than yours. In that way, you are safe because all you are doing is interacting with a remote server. All the interactions with the torrent files are done using your seedbox’s network.

What is a Shared seedbox?

A shared seedbox is a remote server space shared with other users. You get a part of the server as a seedbox. This facility is provided because a single server is very costly. So by sharing a space, you get a usable seedbox at a lower cost.

Your Shared space is not accessible by any other user.

How do you set up a seedbox?

To set up your seedbox, you need to take care of many things. First, you have to get yourself a remote server space. This server has to be very secure and connections have to private. Once your server set up is complete, you need to connect it with a torrent client like Deluge. This torrent client will be used to add torrents.

Next, you will need a file manager that will be used to access files on your seedbox. This file manager must have an sftp connection facility because you want to keep your transactions with the seedbox secure. 

Seedbox provides take care of everything technical related to your seedbox including the setup.

How do I download from a Seedbox?

Files from your seedbox can be downloaded using an FTP client like Filezilla. You have to configure your FTP client with your seedbox. Then you can access and download any file that you have on your seedbox to your device.

What is Sonarr?

Sonarr is an application that lets you manage, download, and schedule torrent files for TV shows. You have to configure it and then it does all the job for you. You can add torrents that are not available too. Sonarr will search for such a torrent, and when available it will download it for you.

What is NZBHydra?

NZBHydra is a search engine for indexers for getting Usenet files. It scrawls through all the indexers to list top results according to your search. It is easy to configure with apps like Couch Potato, Sickbread, Sonarr, and Radarr.

What is SickBeard?

SickBreard is an app similar to Sonarr but for Usenet. All you have to do is add the TV show you want to watch. It will download the current episodes and look for future episodes. Whenever an episode is released it will download it. 

Is Radarr better than CouchPotato?

Both the apps work in a similar, they can help you automate and download movie torrents. So it boils down to preferences but CouchPotato is more popular among users.

What is Radarr?

Radarr is an open-source app that is used to automate movie torrents. The tedious process of finding and adding torrents manually can be done using Radarr with ease.

What is Couch Potato Software?

Couch Potato is software used to automate movie torrents. It is similar to Radarr and can help you automate the process of finding high-quality torrents and adding them to your torrent client.

What is Radarr and Sonarr?

Radarr and Sonarr are open-source apps that let you automate torrenting. Radarr is for movies and Sonarr is for TV Series. You can configure it and add any torrent file you want, it will get the torrent and add it to the torrent client.

What Port is Radarr?

The Default port for Radarr is 7878, but it can change for an SSL or HTTPS connection. 

Does Sonarr need VPN?

It is not a compulsion. Sonarr is accessible and works well without a VPN. You may need a VPN if there are some torrent sites blocked in your country. If you are using Usenet, then you surely do not need a VPN with Sonarr.

What is Jackett used for?

Jackett is used for searching torrent files from all the BitTorrent indexers. It goes hand-in-hand with Sonarr and Radarr to automate torrent downloads.

How do you open a Jackett?

First, you have to install the Jackett application from your client area and open the UI from your dashboard. Then you will have to configure the Jackett application, details of which can be found on Jackett Wiki.

What port does Jackett use?

The Default port number for Jackett is 9117. It is added after your server’s IP address. 

How do I update my Jackett?

Jackett application in your seedbox has an upgrade button. Just one click and your app are updated.

How do you set up a Radarr?

After installing Radarr on your seedbox, you have to set up two ends of the application. One is indexers and one is download clients.

How do I download from Sonarr?

First, you have to install the application and set it up. You need to add indexers and download clients. Once configured successfully, search for any tv show you want to watch and add it. The download will start automatically if you have configured it the right way.

How do I download from Sonarr?

First, you have to install the application and set it up. You need to add indexers and download clients. Once configured successfully, search for any tv show you want to watch and add it. The download will start automatically if you have configured it the right way.


How do I update Sonarr?

In your Seedbox dashboard, you will find a button to update the Sonarr application. Just on-click and the update will be successful.


How do I connect Qbittorrent to Sonarr?

Once you have Installed the Sonarr application, head on to settings and open the download client section. Here you will be able to see many download clients for torrents and Usenet. Find qbittorrent and configure it. You will need your username, password, and port address of qbittorrent.


How do I use qbittorrent?

Just like any other torrent client, you can add a torrent file or paste a URL to download a particular file from the BitTorrent network. One extra feature that qbittorrent provides is on a search engine. Using this feature, you can find a torrent file from the client itself.


Which is better qBittorrent or uTorrent?

Technically speaking, both the clients offer similar features and are perfect for downloading torrents. qBittorrent came after uTorrent, therefore it fills the gaps left by uTorrent.


Can ISP tell if you are torrenting?

Usually not. The download clients encrypt the information to hide it from ISP. But you can be still at risk because your information is visible to everyone on the BitTorrent client. So someone can easily send an email to your ISP regarding your activities.

It is wise to use a VPN or a Seedbox to hide your activities.


Is qBittorrent a virus?

qBittorrent is a download client for torrent files. Ideally, it is very clean and safe to use. But you have to be cautious of the files that you are downloading. They might have a troublesome virus.


What is the best free torrenting program?

There are many options available for torrenting programs. A few top ones are:

  1. qBittorrent
  2. uTorrent
  3. rTorrent
  4. BitTorrent


Is Tixati good?

Tixati is one of the free torrenting clients which has a nice design, simple ad space and is highly customizable. So it can be considered as a good torrent client.


Is uTorrent still the best?

Managed by BitTorrent itself, uTorrent is still one of the top torrent downloading clients. But the number of ads that you get to see has increased. This is why the client is available for free.


What is the best alternative to uTorrent?

The best alternative to uTorrent is qBittorrent because it was developed after uTorrent and followed the same model. Therefore, it can fill the gaps left by uTorrent nicely.


How dangerous is torrenting?

The Major risk of torrenting is the authenticity of the files. It is a P2P network, which means there is no surety about the files and their components. But, if you have a file scanner and a VPN then you are good to go. Seedbox is a combination of both.


Do you really need to hide your IP address when Torrenting?

No, you can torrent without hiding your IP address. But this can make your privacy vulnerable. People on the BitTorrent network can see all your information, including your IP address. If you are downloading files that you do not have a license for, then you can be charged for downloading copyrighted content. Therefore, it is advised that you use a VPN or a Seedbox.


Is uTorrent a virus?

No, uTorrent is just an application that is used to download torrent files. But, if you are not cautious about the files you are downloading then, you might download a malware file full of viruses using the uTorrent application.


Why does download speed suddenly drop?

It can happen because of multiple reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Your internet connection is not stable
  2. The peers of the torrent file are not seeding
  3. There are many leechers


Do Internet providers throttle speed?

Yes, ISPs can throttle connection speed to save money. If you are taking too much of the bandwidth then they can compromise your speed.


How many seeders and leechers are good?

Seeders and Leechers both are important for a torrent file. A good torrent file must have a good ratio of seeder and leecher, around 1 or more. This way you can download the file initially and start seeding it too.


Why is uTorrent slow on Android?

uTorrent app can be a bit slow because it shows ads to sustain. But you can make some tweaks in the settings to improve the performance. If you are looking for an alternative, then Flud is a good application to download torrents.


What is the safest BitTorrent Client?

The majority of the top BitTorrent clients have encryption for connections. But using a torrent client with a VPN is the safest way to interact with the BitTorrent network.


Is Plex illegal?

No, Plex is legal and safe to use. It is just a tool used for entertainment purposes. It can be used for false practices but it depends on the user.


What exactly is Plex?

Plex is software to make your own media center. You can use Plex and stream your movies, shows, or music that are stored in a remote server or your device from any other device.


How much does it cost for Plex?

Essentially, Plex is free to use. But it has limited features enabled in the free version. If you are going to be a power user then you should go for a Plex Pass.

Is Plex really free?

Plex has multiple plans. One of the plans is free. Using this plan, you can use the software to make your own media center. Using it, you can stream your media on your server directly from any device.

Is Plex better than Netflix?

Both Plex and Netflix are different services. Netflix is a streaming service while Plex is a media center that helps you organize your media. If you pair Plex with your Seedbox then you can use the BitTorrent network to download any media and stream.

Is Plex worth it in 2021?

Plex is a service using which you can make your own media center. Although, there are many streaming services, no service is providing every media with on their platform. If you get a seedbox with plex, you can get all different types of media from the BitTorrent network.

What channels are on Plex?

There are more than 80 channels on Plex which includes Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Fubo Sports Network, KidsFlix, EDGE Sport, IGN TV, BAMBU, and more.

Is Plex TV legit?

Plex TV is a legit service but it is used for streaming your OWN media. It is not like Netflix or Prime.

How safe is Plex?

All the personal information take by Plex is safeguarded. It is mentioned in the privacy policy. Also, all your payment information is processed by Braintree.

Is Plex a virus?

No, Plex is software that is used to stream your media on any device from your media center. It is safe to use. Although the files that you have on your server can be infected with viruses.

Can I uninstall Plex?

Yes, you can uninstall your Plex application from your device. Just head on to add/remove programs, find Plex and click on uninstall.

Is Plex data encrypted?

Yes, Plex is fully secure by an encrypted secure certificate. Plex is joining hands with DigiCert to make one of the best SSL certificates for public use.

Should I use a VPN with Plex?

It is not necessary to use a VPN with Plex. You can stream your files using Plex without a VPN too. But, if you are looking for an extra layer of protection then you should use a VPN.

How do I start Plex?

All you need is a Plex account, a media server, and any device you need to stream it on. You can use a seedbox to make your own media server and automate your torrents too.

Is Plex remote access secure?

Yes, remote access of Plex has an HTTPs connection to stream your files. Therefore, it is pretty secure and encrypted.

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