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      How to setup Seedbox in 10 Min in OVH

      1st thing you need to get your server:

      2d you get your login information

      YOU choose Ubuntu server 12.04

      Archetecture 64 bit, Software RAID, Use distribution native kernel.

      Next delete all current partition

      Now we are going to make a pertition for our OS

      And then click on add the partition.

      Next we are going to make another partition for swap, Jut look into the blow screenshot and fill accordingly

      Click on add partition,

      Next we create the primary partition

      Now after this the screen should look like this

      Go ahead and name your seedbox to whatever you like:

      It can also help you reinstalling it as an template.

      You then login with SSH using putty

      Click open and log in and use the below code to update your system and click enter that would take a few minuites.

      Next we get the apps upgraded in our system

      Use the code apt-get upgrade to do it

      After that we are almost ready to install our script but before that we need to put a username and password there

      So ty

      So type adduser seedbox

      And then it will prompt for a password which you can choose yours accordingly.

      When prompted with this screen just hit the enter , as the default settings are just fine , then it will prompt for the “Is the information correct”

      Hit y

      Then type adduser seedbox sudo

      This will give all the privileges to the user.

      Now again run putty and log in with the new username and password and it should look something like this:


      Now you can see it shows because of system update reboot is required so you reboot it using the reboot command as shown in the below screenshot

      Sudo reboot

      Once you give the above command it will ask for the password we had set, type the password and hit enter

      And it should look something like this

      Let it reboot it might take sometime

      Then again login with putty to your server and use the username and password for seedbox to log in

      Then we need to install Irssi

      Code – sudo get-apt install irssi