Cross Seeding From A RuTorrent Seedbox

In this tutorial I will explain to you how easy it is to cross seed from ruTorrent Seedbox.

Step 1. Download the torrent you want to cross seed on ruTorrent.

Step 2. Go to the file manager in your ruTorrent Seedbox and browse to the folder, where your torrent is downloaded.

cross seeding on seedbox step 1


Step 3. Once you have browsed to the location where your torrent is downloaded, right click on it and select create torrent.

cross seeding on seedbox step 2


Step 4. Once you click on New. Torrent, there will be a box that opens up and you have to fill in the details of your tracker. If your tracker is private then select.

cross seeding on seedbox step 3

Step 5. Now just click on “Create New Torrent”, file will get created and you can cross seed.

This is a staging enviroment