YTalk Networks Promotion

Recently Ytalk networks have come up with a huge promotion.

use the benefit While it lasts.


! As your seedbox hosting provider, we strive to provide you great boxes at competitive rates. This is why we are going to offer you a one of a kind deal! From today through the end of the month, you can double your seedbox disk space for a great price! This promotion is only available to current customers with active seedbox plans. The prices for doubling your data have been listed below. They are based on the plan that you have with us, and how much more space you would like: 100GB + 50GB: + 1.50 Euros/month DoubleData: + 2.50 Euros/month TripleData: + 4.00 Euros/month 250GB + 100GB: + 2.00 Euros/month DoubleData: + 5.50 Euros/month TripleData: + 10.00 Euros/month 500GB + 250GB: + 4.00 Euros/month DoubleData: + 9.00 Euros/month TripleData: + 16.00 Euros/month If you wish to apply for this promotion, simply open a support ticket with our sales team, and it should be set up on your account within 24 hours! This promotion is valid until March 31, 2014. We hope you continue to choose, and enjoy the services from us, yTALK Networks Marketing Team.

This is a staging enviroment