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      Seedbox review : Seedboxes.cc Vs Pulsedmedia.com

      Please find the below comparison between seedboxes.cc and pulsedmedia reviewed based on their specifications:

      PulsedMedia seedbox review   VS Seedboxes.cc seedbox review

      Seedbox companiesSeedboxes.ccPulsedmedia
      PlanBat BoxSuper100
      Bandwidth Cap2TBunlimited
      Price13.95 Euro11.99 Euro
      PlanVampire BoxXlarge
      HDD500 Gb920 GB
      Speed500 Mbit100 Mbit
      Bandwidth Cap5TB15TB
      Price18.95 Euro20.99 Euro
      PlanZombie Box2012
      HDD666 GB450 GB
      Bandwidth Cap8TBUnlimited
      Price24.95 Euro21.99 Euro