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      SSDAPP Review

      This company was previously known as Ajvps , they have a utorrent GUI , I have been their customer since last two years and so far I had not faced any major glitches but some downtime I have observed, Said that a lot of people have put up some negative reviews I have seen so far, said that I did not find any major problems using their SSDapp cheap seedboxes and I use their VPS also they have one of the most competitive prices in the industry and they do provide SSD seedboxes as well so if you are only using seedboxes for personal use and not intending to race files this is one pf the best seedboxes out there at no.8 . The support managed by Danny Is quite helpful as well , support tickets are taken care of within an hour or two depending on the timezone.


      If you care considering SSDAPP you should consider the below points as well :

      1. Speeds are decent at 10 Mbps bit side on both uploads and downloads on the basic shared seedbox.

      2. Downloading files from the server is super easy and they give you ftps and HTTPS support as well .

      3. 99% uptime for most of the seedboxes.

      4. They accept bitcoin along with all major cards and PayPal .

      5. They have unlimited bandwidth so you never have to worry again about your downloads or your upload cap.

      6. they are the only providers of cheap windows RDP which you use as a seedbox as well .

      7. They use technologies like SOLUSVM, Cpanel etc so if you need to get any of these installed in your server they do it seamlessly.

      8.All servers come with premium unlimited bandwidth and full control panel, offering automated re-install, rDNS and netboot for recovery of data.

      9. Data centers in USA and France.

      10 . They allow all public trackers as well.

      Name: SSDAPP Review
      Speed: 7/10
      Support: 8/10
      GUI: 7/10
      Speed of GUI: 8/10
      Package: Super 20
      Price: €6/mo
      Overall rating: 7/10
      Space:200 Gb
      Speed: 10 MBps Download/ 10 MBps Upload

      For personal use its just 3 euro for 100 GB which is the cheapest in the industry , so unless you are planning to race your file for uploads this can be the est supplement for you for data storage as well and downloads and decent upload. If you want to learn about more options you can check our Top Seedbox List.

      • MichoDvd

        Hey all,
        I bought a vps from this company
        They gave me vps informations
        But nothing is working (ip, login…)
        I tried to contact them but no reply
        Plz be aware from this company , ssdap.com!! They stole your money…

      • LouisNavarro

        Hi, i bought a seedbox from this company too.
        Only my webgui of utorrent works (Now it’s down for about 48 hrs.), but don`t work the ftp, even the remote client of utorrent dont’t work, no help too…
        I tried to contact them but no reply.

        So, it’s so cheap, but as said MichoDvd:
        Plz be aware from this company , ssdap.com!! They stole your money….

        It’s True!!

      • stilicho12

        hi all.
        Dont even think of using SSDapp I used it for 4 days and i am frustrated by the SSDapp.
        It keeps crashing. more then 50% of the time its down. Support keep saying we are monitoring the servers please let us know if you face issue again. and they are not available when issue happens.
         so it works only 8 hours a day when someone is in the office.
         looks like they are giving desktops as seedbox and they shut it down when they leave office.
        and if u think speed may be good..  to be honest sped is  just  pathetic.  my 20Mbps internet is better then their 1Gbps internet.
        if u download a file  through FTP from seedbox  then u get like 200 to 500kbps download.
        be ready to go through the frustration if u take ssdapp.

      • stilicho12 Hi Thanks for the review it would definitely help other users make the right ecision.