Seedboxsolutions Review
February 2, 2015 1:03 pm
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This is another cheap seedbox company which has sustained itself to the test of time, Though initially it used to be priced higher the prices in last few months have come down a lot , and with the price per Gb going down Its one of the best seedboxes to look forward to , Though initially they used to have limited slots but with much more slots these days the data swarms have gone better as well, with a very helpful and responsive support Seedboxsloutions is out seedbox at No . 7.

Seedboxsolutions Review

You should consider these points if you planning to get seedbox from

1. They have almost all form of payment gateways available Moneybookers, Skill, Paypal, Cards and last but not the least Bitcoins.

2. Very helpful support.

3. Transoid to manage your seedbox from your android phone.

4. Unlimited traffic with no limits whatsoever and good upload speeds at 12-15 Mbps on both uploads and downloads

5. Free file transfer from your aold seedbox if you opt for their seedbox ,so you can keep seeding your files on your new box without any hassle.

6.Web file manager and Unrar/Unzip on Server service available with each seedbox.

7. FTPS downloads available for secure downloads

8.Downloads from public trackers available as well.

Birds eye view of Seedboxsolutions

Name: Seedboxsolutions website Link
Speed: 8/10
Support: 9/10
GUI: 8/10
Speed of GUI: 7/10
Package: S-250
Price: $7/mo
Overall rating: 7/10
Space: 250 Gb
Speed: 1Gbit

If this your first seeedbox or if you are tired paying too much for your current seedbox with unlimited data uploads without any caps this is a excellent seedbox you might want to consider, If you are interested in finding more options you can read more about other Top Cheap seedboxes here.

If you have any other experiences with their seedbox you can put down in the comment section below we would be happy to incorporate it in our review.