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      Stream from your Seedbox

      A lot of people have been asking me what would be the best way to watch movies or Tv shows streaming directly from their seedbox servers, after trying a lot of different application I think Kodi is one of the best Software’s for the job and the best part is its free and it can work on all seedbox provides which provide ftp access if you are looking for some good and cheap seedboxes starting at 5$ you can check the page cheap seedboxes.

      To configure kodi with your seedbox to stream the videos from your seedbox use the following steps.Once you link up your seedbox with kodi there are some excellent features in it, which you can browse around the major focus for writing this is to get you running with streaming videos from your seedbox.

      1. First go to http://kodi.tv/download/ to download the latest version of  XBMC in our case its 13.2

      Stream files from server of seedbox

      2.Install XBMC Gotham with default settings :

      Stream from seedbox 1


      3. Run the XBMC Program it should look like something below, reach till system and click on files settings

      Stream from seedbox 2

      4.Once the file manager is open click on add source , here You can see I have added my ultraseedbox seedbox

      Stream from seedbox 4

      5.Once this screen shows up , click on browse

      Stream from seedbox 5


      6.Once this side panel opens up , click on the Add network location tab:

      Stream from seedbox 6


      7.When you click it , this screen will open up click on the down arrow approx 5-6 times to reach ftp , as shown below, click on the server address and put in it your host address without any http or ftp , if you have the ip address you can put in directly, leave remote path empty, port 21 , and put in your ftp username and password for your seedbox:

      Stream from seedbox 7


      8.Once you are done it will show up on your browse list and you are almost done


      Stream from seedbox 10


      9.Now go to the home screen , click on video and then files. Once this screen opens up click on browse and add the newly added network

      Stream from seedbox 9



      Rest is quite self explanatory so , just play around a bit and you can have the best streaming experience from your seedbox.


      • zeflex

        Does Kodi pluggable with ChromeCast ?