A Seedbox delivers complete peace of mind from your ISP. No more funny warning letters from your ISP, build amazing ratio on private trackers and claim your internet freedom back again.

best cheap seedbox 2018

Based on our critical analysis we have concluded that these Seedboxes are the best of 2018, having maximum value for money as well as the best performance. These top Seedboxes will give you the best bang for your buck.

We have not put down all the specifications but you can read more about them in this post.

We have listed all kind of seedboxes ranging from 100mbit to 10Gbit Seedboxes which are priced reasonably.

All listed seedboxes are super simple to use with a minimal learning curve.

ReviewSpeedHDDPromocodeCost/ monthWebsite link
Evoseedbox10 GBPS150 GBtorrentinvites5$
Dediseedbox10 GBPS1000 GBCHEAPSEEDBOXES15$
Superboxes10 GBPS300 GBboxman10$
Iseedfast10 GBPS50 GB-3$
Seedboxbay1 GBPS150 GBcheapseedboxes5$seedboxbay prmo code
Seedbox.io100 mbps300 GBcheapbox206$
SeedStorm1 GPS500 GB-15$Seedstorm Seedbox review
Easytkfrench1 GBPS100 GB None6$
leechdrive100 Mbps50 Gb-5$
Rapidseedboxes1 Gbps500 Gb18$
cloudboxes.io10 GBPS1000 GBIWANTATRIAL18 $

10 GBPS150 GB5$
10 GBPS1000 GB15$
10 GBPS300 GB10$
10 GBPS50 GB3$
seedboxbay prmo code1 GBPS150 GB5$
100 mbps300 GB6$
Seedstorm Seedbox review1 GPS500 GB15$
1 GBPS100 GB 6$
100 Mbps50 Gb5$
1 Gbps500 Gb18$
10 GBPS1000 GB18 $

Cheap seedbox: few things to keep in mind

Sometimes the cheapest Seedbox is not available because the slots get taken up very quickly, the best advice is to keep an eye on what you want and purchase the slot whenever the Seedbox is next available.

In simple terms, a seedbox is a remote computer with a torrent web application running on it (generally ruTorrent), and you can upload the torrent file on the seedbox and it will start downloading it.

If you want to see an overview on how to use a rutorrent seedbox, then please click on this link: ruTorrent Guide

To transfer files from your seedbox with or without encryption you can follow our seedbox file transfer guide here

Have complete privacy from your ISP and total peace of mind. See you on the Top Seeding side. :smiley:

buy fast seedbox comics

Get a seedbox at the most affordable rates in 2018

We have prepared the list keeping you in mind. All Listed seedboxes come with fast VPN as well.

If you are new to seedboxes you might want to read our comprehensive list of tutorials: Click Here

Already have a seedbox and need further help?

Seedboxes help the user to not only download things but also upload on private trackers. It not only helps the user to build ratio, but it also helps the user to maintain privacy online.

In modern times, it has become very critical due to ISP monitoring or various other agencies like the DCMA which can detect if you are downloading the infringing torrent and send you letter for compliances.

In the United States not only do they send your letters, but they can cancel your Internet connection if you get detected more than six times, it is also known as six strike policy in the United States.

Why do you need a seedbox?

  1. It helps you to maintain ratio on private trackers.
  2. It helps you to maintain your privacy from your ISP.
  3. You can directly stream your downloaded content with services like Plex.
  4. Most seedbox providers provide also VPN which helps you to browse anonymously online.
  5. It also helps you to have an online storage for your data and seeds your torrents 24 hours seven days a week so that you do not have to keep your computer turned on all the time.

Now that you know the benefits of a seedbox, you might be wondering how does the service provider all these facilities. So, let me explain you why do you need a seedbox in a little more detail.

Think of a seedbox as the remote computer that you might have in an offshore country where torrenting is legal and you can access this computer remotely from wherever you are in the world.

Just like a web-service e.g. Dropbox you have torrent software interface on your browser through which you can add torrents remotely and later transfer the downloaded content from the remote computer to your PC with encryption so that your ISP cannot detect what you are downloading online.

Not only does this method lets you seed your torrents, but it also maintains your privacy and you can access your data from the remote computer anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

cheap gigabit seedbox & dedicated seedbox server animation

cheap gigabit seedbox & dedicated seedbox server animation

You can get the basic idea about a seed box from this Wikipedia page, but in my opinion when you are starting off it might seem too overwhelming to understand all the technicalities regarding servers and networks et cetera using a seedbox is much easier and the interface is very similar to any torrent client that you might be using on your computer. Most seedbox providers do provide a seven-day money back guarantee so just in case it does not fit your requirement you can always contact the support and get refunded.

If you have come this far, I am guessing you are really interested more about seedbox sure, let us discuss.

What is a server?

In online terms, a remote computer which serves your data or website or any resource that you use online is called a server.

Generally for seedboxes, very high-speed servers are used so that the torrent upload and download can occur at very fast pace. Usually speeds range from hundred Mbps to 10 Gbps.

If you are on private trackers where you need to build ratio it is recommended that you choose seedbox providers who have a higher server network speed.

Though many companies these days do provide 10 G bps servers it is likely that you won’t get more than 3 to 4G bps on a shared server the reason being is that the normal HDD does not have the capacity to process data at such high speed.

In case of choosing your seedbox company, you must keep in mind the location of the servers. Some of the countries which we recommend getting seedbox from are as below:

  1. The Netherlands.
  2. France.
  3. Finland
  4. Germany
  5. Canada

The reason we suggest you get your seedbox from these countries is that torrenting is still legal in this country is and the network speeds are quite high. Getting your seedbox from this region also helps in building ratio faster because most of the seed boxes are hosted in this world region.

Step 1 :
Seedbox Rutorrent Basic Training:

Step 2 :
Transferring files from seedbox:

Step 3 :

How to download 

Step 4 :

Remotely add torrents 

Step 5 :
Using Seedbox VPN:


Basic Rutorrent Seedbox Instructions

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