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      Transoid setup on seedbox

      Transoid is an Android application to mange your torrents on seedbox, it works on multiple platforms like trnasmission,utorrent,rtorrent amongst others, which is broadly what is used in most of the seed boxes.

      Other fetures

      Integrated Serach

      Torrrent monitoring with alarm

      Transoid is available atDownloads – transdroid Google Project Hosting

      Initial checks

      1. Check if httprpc is installed/loaded and enabled in rutorrent web interface.
      transoid check 1

      The work on the server part is almost done.

      Now fire up your transoid and go to settings.

      transoid seedbox1

      Click on add new server , this server is the server where your seedbox is hosted

      transoid seedbox2

      Setting up your transoid on your android phone


      Name:Any name you want for your seedbox
      Server Type: rTorrent/utorrent/rutorrent/ whatever client youa re using
      IP or domain name:IP adress for your server/ domain name if you have linked any
      Port: 80
      Use authentication: Ticked
      Username:Username to login your torrent client in web interface
      Password:Password to login your torrent client in web interface
      SCGI folder: /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php
      ServerOS: Linux/whatever applicable

      You are done set up the RSS play around with the various features the possibilities are endless.