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Now most of the times you might be wondering how can you use your VPS for many different purposes, though its not recommended that you host websites on your seedbox if it is being monitored , but still if you want to use it then the easiest way would be to get a VPS , but VPS are also very expensive , and specially if you are looking for a VPS with a good uptime.

Then you cheapest solution is VPS from AJVPS , they have amazing 1 Gbit VPS at very barebone prices.

For 20 euro you get 350 GB HDD space 1 Gbit Unlimited bandwidth 4 Gb ram things cannot get better than this when you are thinking of using your VPS for seedbox as well as webhosting.

Also the support team at ajvps is very nice you just open a ticket and you will have a web hosting control panel setup for you , voila you have a VPS to host your website.

You can reach AJVPS here đŸ™‚ VPS as Web hosting

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