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      Ultraseedbox review

      I have been using seedbox from ultraseedbox from the last few years and I think its one of the best seedboxes out there , the only reason I have put it on No. 5 is the recent increase in prices  per GB and also the slow speed download from public trackers other than that it has been a great companion in my ratio building journey in private trackers , with their huge customer base which keeps on adding up its just hard to not build ratio if you are on ultraseedbox, the support is very helpful but sometimes its a bit slow but they have a very excellent knowledge base which is quite exhaustive.

      Ultraseedbox review

      These are the points you should keep in mind if you are planning to get a seedbox from ultraseedbox.

      1. Huge data streams because the company has been there for quite sometime and their competetive prices.

      2. Its got a rutorrent based webui and you can easily add the plugins you want  or ask teh support team they would direct you to it.

      3.Payza, Bitcoin , Credit/Debit cards is accepted , if you are looking for more privacy you could definitely use bitcoin.

      4. They do offer discounts on long term payments,10% discount for 3 months subscription, 15%on 6 months term and 20% on one year term.

      5. They have Data Location in Germany, Netherlands and USA so you can choose your data center for your seedbox.

      6. If you already have a seedbox and are not satisfied with it they do all the transfers so you don’t loose any data and keep seeding your files seamlessly.

      7. The best part for me using their seedbox is I have hardly had to use their support .

      here Is the snapshot review

      Name: Ultraseedbox
      Speed: 9/10
      Support: 7/10
      GUI: 8/10
      Speed of GUI: 7/10
      Price: €9/mo
      Overall rating: 7/10
      Space: 300 Gb
      Speed: 1 Gbit

      If you are are looking for ratio just to download most of the content the basic plan would serve to enough but if you plan to be extreme user in some of the private trackers you might need more space. If you want more options you can definitely check my Top 10 Seedbox analysis here

      • windasleep

        This may be the cheapest seedbox available but I faced a couple of problems.

        1. The sales department promised to generate an invoice seven days before the due date. It never happened even after sending a reminder. Finally, the seed box expired and I had three days to make the payment.

        2. It has the worst FTP download speed. I get 200-700 KB/s most of the time. I am supposed to get 3990 KB/s speed. They blame it on their Netherlands server but I have another seedbox (seedbox.io) from Netherlands and it work just fine. Even after four months, the support department has no clue. They asked me to play around with different FTP clients, different servers (Canada, USA, Germany, France) but it didnt work. I reay on my luck to get the full FTP speed.

        3. The support (sales and support) department is real crap. Most of the time they have no clue on what they are doing. Most of their technical solutions are absurd.

        I would suggest you to pay a bit more and go for a seedbox which really works.