WickedBox Seedbox Review

At No 4 Wicked Seedboxes is one of the seedbox company you should look out for , not only does the company provide multiple option , multiple data option, decent support and last but not the least great price, I have been using their seedbox for last 6 months and so far the experience has been amazing for the price I have paid for the seedbox, Though its not motioned how many people are on their each servers but for downloading I have reached 60 Mbps on downloads and 15 Mbps on uploads on their lowest budget plan. The only issue is their low budget slots are mostly full hence you have to keep an eye on it time to time.

Wicked servers seedbox review

You must also consider the following points if you are planning to avail seedboxes from them:

1. They have data centers to choose from in most of the parts of the world.

2. All type of payment methods are available.

3. Sometime the rutorrent interface is a bit glitchy and has generated server errors for me but in most of the speeds have been great and worked seamlessly.

4. At max download speed of 60 mbps its is definitely faster than most of the seedboxes out there for budget plans .

5. There  is access for FTP,SFTP,Direct Https so that you have a peace of mind for your privacy while downloading from the seedbox.

6. There is access to android application , chrome extension , and firefox extension which can directly help you start downloading torrent on your seedbox directly from your browser.

7 .There are application for media transcoding and you can stream your videos directly with VLC media streaming confirmed on your seedbox.

8. There is AutoDL Irssi configured on the seedbox , along with RSS support so you can automate your downloads quiet easily.

9. Each seedbox comes with a dedicated IP and there is easy preinstalled application on rutorrent to compress and Uncompress the files seamlessly from your seedbox.

Name: Wickedbox
Speed: 8/10
Support: 7/10
GUI: 9/10
Speed of GUI: 7/10
Package: Blastseed
Price: $6/mo
Overall rating: 7/10
Space: 100 Gb
Speed: 1 Gbit

Overall I think its a decent seedbox for the price and features but if it would have allowed public and had more open slots on their basic seedboxes trackers it would have definitely climbed on my rankings. Said that if yo think these applications are relevant for your seedbox use don't look any further.


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