Cheap Seedbox Review- All best cheap seedbox providers considerd.

Below is my Critical review on all top cheap Seedbox,

The value/price of a seedbox to be cheap or not, is calculated here on the basis of  cost/GB

You can check the below analysis hope it helps you make decision.I would recommend that if you are just starting with seed boxes keep the HDD space a critical component because you will only make a good ratio if you are seeding a quite a lot of torrents and if you run out of space it will be a serious handicap, atleast get 200 GB and my recommendation is minimum 300 gb also I have listed the cheapest seedboxes .

The below seed boxes I would recommend based on the speed and the amount of hdd they are providing, if you are a beginner I think you should definitely start with any of the below seed boxes.Also note that 1 200 GB seedboxes have been listed because if you are looking for 1GBPS bandwidth this is the cheapest seedbox available at that price.

Seedstuff100Mbps60GBUnmeteredYesNo limit10$Very Fast
Seedbox HostingSpeedSpaceBandwidthCostPer GB Cost
Pulsemedia Cheap Seedbox100Mbit750 GBUnmetered17$0.02
SSDAPP Cheap Seedbox 1 GBit 100 GB Unmetered6  euro0.02 
Ultraseedbox Cheap Seedbox1 Gbit450gb2 GB9.9 Euro0.035
Fusion VPS Cheap Seedbox250Mbit333GBUnmetered17$0.05
 1 Gbit100 GbUnmetered15$0.1
Seedboxsolutions Cheap Seedbox1Gbit/200Mbit300 GBUnmetered20$0.06
Ultraseedbox Cheap Seedbox1Gbit450GBUnmetered32$0.07
ssdapp  Cheap Seedbox1Gbit200GBUnmetered15$0.075
ROSE hosting VPS100Mbit30Unmetered20$0.66

Second Tier Seedboxes.

Seedbox HostingSpeedSpaceBandwidthCostPer GB Cost
SNTHostings100 Mbit60+20 GBUnmetered6.29$0.07
Fibrenetworks100Mbit250 GBUnmetered19$0.7
Underleech100mbit210 GBUnmetered /VPN16$0.7
Estroweb1 Gbit120 GBUnmetered19$0.15
Superseedbox100Mbit35 GBUnmetered15$0.4

Below listed are all the major providers of cheap and low end seed boxes , though some of them are cheap but definitely check the various parameters as HDD space, number of active torrents etc before buying them.If you find any other cheap seedbox providers please put it in comments.

Price / Month in USDServer Bandwidth (Mbit/s)Limitations & Extras▲WebsiteGigaBytePrice per GB (USD)
1.27100Limited to 2 active Torrents
2.56100Limited to 2 active Torrents
5100Limited to 5 active Torrents
6.42100Limited to 5 active Torrents
10100Limited to 7 active torrents
 200Limited to 3 active Torrents
11.16100Limited to 15 active torrents
12.86100Limited to 10 active Torrents
14.95100Limited to 6 active Torrents
15100Limited to 15 active torrents
  Limited to 6 active Torrents
 200Limited to 5 active Torrents
 1000Limited to 2 active Torrents
16.72100Limited to 25 active Torrents
16.73100Limited to 3 active Torrents
17100Limited to 4 active Torrents
17.95100Limited to 3 active Torrents
1810003USD for 2.5TB additional BW
18.02100Limited to 4 active Torrents
19.3100Limited to 4 active Torrents
  Limited to 5 active Torrents
20100Limited to 14 active torrentshttp://
 200Limited to 7 active torrents
 1000Limited to 15 active torrents

plan 2 seedbox

Dedisreturn100Mbps500GB5TBYESNo Limit19.99$Very Fast

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