How To Use Sickchill To Watch TV Shows


Sickchill is an automated platform where you can download and manage all your TV shows and animes. It is a platform where you can download all the latest TV shows. You just have to add it to your library ad when the shows latest episode appears it will automatically download it for you. You don’t have to download each and every episode of the show whenever it appears you just have to make sure that it is added in your library and Sickchill will add it for you. It searches for new shows and episodes that you requested and then it performs automatically torrent/nbz searching, downloading, and processing it at qualities that you have requested.

Features of sickchill are:-

  1. Can schedule your downloads when and in what quality you want your downloads.
  2. Can download the episode or show as soon as it arrives 
  3. Connected with all the major torrenting sites so that it can find what the user wants and provide it.
  4. Also supports animes and has an automatic subtitle machine that can be downloaded in seconds.
  5. It is based on cross-platform so that with minimum configurations can be used on whichever platform you want. 
  6. In addition to torrent trackers, it also uses Usenet for better download.

Procedure to download TV shows with Sickchill:-

  1. Open the Sickrage page where you can find all the TV showsHow to use Sickchill to watch TV Shows
  2. Go to the show that you want to download and see the information on it.How to use Sickchill to watch TV Shows
  3. Calender it to check when the new episodes arrived and how can snatch itHow to use Sickchill to watch TV Shows
  4. How to add a new show in the libraryHow to use Sickchill to watch TV Shows

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