Cheapest Seed box at 9.99 – 10 for 220GB HDD 100 MBPS Unmetered Traffic

This is one of the cheapest seed-box around there for the price and service , the disc space is amazing

The speed is 100mbps I am currently using it and I must say the up-time is amazing , the panel is also very good, so far had no trouble using it only once when I was playing around with the front end I made some settings and the rutorrent froze and I had to contact support where they not only rectified the issue but also gave me the steps on how to rectify it over all I am very pleased with the services Seedbox solutions are providing.


the starter package has the below Specification you can check here

cheap seedbox 220 gb 100mbps unlimited traffic


Cheaperst seedbox starter package 220gb hdd 100mbps Unmetered traffic


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This is definitely one of the most value for money seed boxes you can vouch for.


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