Easy Tk Review

There is a lot of competition going on in the market related to which seedbox is better than the others. One of those is the Easy.tk, whose company is based in France. It is not as old as the other players, but with new features and speed it gives a tough fight to its competitors. Seedboxes are known mainly for its uploading and downloading of the files within few minutes. However, each seedbox provided, has a different IP address for accessing the torrent files. Any person having a seedbox can open their files from any part of the world. The only thing they need is a internet connection. Easy.tk has been good in almost every section. To take a deeper look in what all it provides we have to go through several criteria one would want in their seedbox. Easy.tk not only provides you VPS (Virtual Private Servers) but is also greatly dedicated on servers which your bandwidth won’t split between more than two users. Easy.tk are one the best seedboxes in the market, but incase anytime it stops working or causes problems, you should always be ready with alternatives to the same. Here are a few alternatives to easy.tk that you may like:
  1. Rapid seedbox- One of the oldest and most powerful seedbox, rapid seedbox is giving a good competition to others since 2008 and is standing strong for all these years. It has great speed and can download huge files in just a blink of an eye, you can get client support 24×7 and provides you a lot of space. Rapid seedbox costs a little more than others, but it is worth spending if you really want a quality seedbox.
  2. Seedbox.io- A market leader in 2020, seedbox.io gives simply the best service overall. It costs you around 5$ and provides you 300 GB storage with 100 Mb/s. Its stability, network and support is par excellence. It includes various packages for you to choose from and each of them works great if you have good internet connection.
  3. SeedIt4Me- Again, one of the seedbox having amazing reviews and comments, seedit4me is majorly known for providing quality solutions to the customers. It is already a huge name in the market. It will be available to you at the price of 9.99$ with a storage of 1TB and 1Gb/s bandwidth. Isn’t it cool?
Another thing important in any review is the quality of the client support. A good user experience is must in making any product amazing. Easy.tk has one of the best client supports. It is effective, responsive and helpful in any way possible. The client support is available 24×7 and is more than perfect. The professionalism in a relationship between a client and a customer is completely taken care of and you will find that each and every response from them is very positive. Secondly, they do not keep their consumers waiting. The response to all your questions is quick and fast. The grade to be presented in this section of review is 10/10 for their amazing services for their customers. The next thing any consumer would want to know about their choice of seedboxes. There are different packages in easy.tk which makes it easier for the people to choose from according to their expectations. There are 4 plans starting from 100 GB to the last one which provides 1000 GB. The costing starts from 5.6$ and goes on to 34$, which is cheaper than many seedboxes available in the market. This one gives you an experience of speed like never before. Be it audios, videos or any other document, it gets downloaded within few seconds. It has good storage where you can place all your huge files without any worries. You can install upto 50 softwares on your seedbox. Plex, Netflix, Hulu, etc. can be some of them. Downloading Plex would be a great idea as it provides you with a lot of great content of all genres for you to view anything you want. Plex is very much similar to Amazon Prime but with a lot more content than the latter one. All you will need is an account and subscription. If you want to view content from other countries then using a VPN it would be easier to do so. We grade this section 9/10. Here we are already at the conclusion of reviewing the easy.tk seedbox where we had a look at 3 different criteria and the seedbox has done great in each and every compartment without any doubt. Easy.tk is cheap, fast and has all those features one wants on his/her server. They provide you with 4 different plans and each of them having more storage then the others. Easy Tk review You should consider buying the seedbox for following reasons:
  • Cheapest and smooth running Rutorrent in the world.
  • Available in French language as well cause it is originated from France.
  • The plans are available from 200 GB and the price is moderate.
  • You can have access to the seedbox from your mobile as well.
This is definitely one of the finest seedboxes available with all feature you wish to have. No other seedbox company provides you Rutorrent. It is fast, reliable and have a lot of storage of uploading large files. You should try this one today. For more options you can check them at our top 10 Seedbox List

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