Tuvix Hosting Seedbox Review

At 10 $ for 150Gb it is comparatively a expensive seedbox as compared to the other options that is available on or list hence putting Tuvix hosting at no.11. They have a very responsive support team and the features that they provide with their seedbox are quite competitive, with only six user per server this seem to be a good option if you are into seeding and planning to build a decent ratio on private trackers.

Tuvis Review

If you are considering seedbox from Tuvix Hosting you might consider the following points:

1. These are Full duplex 1 Gbps seedboxes.

2. The Upload and download speeds might vary depending on the usage of other users.

3.All CPU’s are Intel Xeon and each cpu has 8 cores so you would hardly encounter any lag even in their basic plan.

4.Unlimited bandwidth , so if you are a heavy user and you need to race your files this seedbox might be your best opftions.

5. All servers are either Hp or Dell and they only use premium tier 3 and tier 5 networks so you can expect decent data swarms to boost your ratio.

6.They also provide the option between Rutorrent and Deludge, if you plan to download files directly from usenet to seedbox they do provide SABnbz and Spotweb which  integrates into SabNZB which allows you to click once and the NZB will start downloading into your seedbox.

7.They have a decent refund policy for 5 days , so if you are really not satisfied you have an option to bail out.

Name: Tuvix Hosting  Website
Speed: 8/10
Support: 7/10
GUI: 9/10
Speed of GUI: 9/10
Package: Starter Box
Price: $10/mo
Overall rating: 7/10
Space:150 Gb
Speed: Variable approx 15-20 Mbps both sides

If you planning to do hardcore uploads and race your file at optimum speeds at a little premium price with usenet linkage capabilities this could be your best option . If you just want to use your seedbox for casual downloads or evade the prying eyes of your ISP you might choose another option from the seedbox list.

This is a staging enviroment