How To Not Run Out Of Bandwidth In Seedbox


Nowadays a lot of seedboxes come with a bandwidth cap, and most people have a common question that how can we control the monthly bandwidth limit. So that they don’t exhaust all their bandwidth in early of the month.

In this article, we would be discussing how to not run out of bandwidth in a seedbox.

First, let’s answer some basic questions that are necessary for you to know…..

What is seedbox bandwidth?

A seedbox bandwidth is a high-bandwidth remote server for uploading and downloading of digital files from a P2P network. 

Generally, seedbox bandwidth are in Tera Bytes i.e 1B = 1024 GB but if you keep seeding on public trackers this can also run quickly.

After you have finished downloading the torrent file through Ru-torrent now the file is available for seeding so that different users over the net can download the same file through your configuration. So to that, you can start seeding but the question that needs to be answered here is how much should we seed because we have a limit on it. 

Now that you have understood what seedbox bandwidth is the question is why we need to maintain it.

As there are many seedbox suppliers over the net which keep a limit to their bandwidth so that a user can be restricted to its limit and don’t overuse it. 

Now to maintain your bandwidth limit so that you don’t use all of it in the early days of the month you can set your ratio limit through Ru-torrent application. It is recommended that if you are using public torrents for seeding than your ration should be maintained to 1.5 ratios. But if you are using private torrent than it is recommended to maintain to 1:1 so that it doesn’t exhaust your limits.

One quick note: None of the seedbox incur bandwidth for downloading or transferring files with FTP.

One of the most common client applications for seedboxes is torrent. The steps to configure that you don’t lose your precious bandwidth on public torrent are as below.

Log Into your rutorrent client.

How to not run out of bandwidth in Seedbox

Click on the setting tab button

How to not run out of bandwidth in Seedbox

Click on the ration group section on the left-hand side 

And now you can set your limits accordingly and click on Ok

How to not run out of bandwidth in Seedbox


Go to rutorrent and click on the block option

How to not run out of bandwidth in Seedbox

Then select ratio group option 

How to not run out of bandwidth in Seedbox

A dialogue box will open where you can set ratios according to your needs

How to not run out of bandwidth in Seedbox

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