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Do you love torrents? Do you frequently upload and download larger files from torrents? If yes, then you need to know about Seedbox. Seedbox helps you to seamlessly transfer large files through torrents. There are dozens of seedbox providers on the internet today. There are different packages and prices. The basic plan on ISeedFast costs only $3 per month. In this post, we'll review ISeedFast seedbox and explore the best features. Let's dive in.

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What is Seedbox?

Seedbox is a remote server with which you can upload and download larger files from the torrents. It uses a public IP address and the user just needs an internet connection on his personal computer. The best thing about seedbox is it runs at super-high speeds so that the user can upload and download data within very less time. In simple terms, we can say seedbox is nothing but a superfast internet connection to transfer large files through torrents. There are many seedbox providers and Iseedfast is one among them. In this post, we'll see the best features of Iseedfast seedbox and see if it's worth the price.

Best Features of ISeedFast

Seedfaster Review

Here's why you should consider seedbox services from ISeedFast.

1. Good customer support. They provide support through the ticketing system

2. 1 GBPS is a good bandwidth considering the price.

3. OpenVPN speed is available on Standard, Advanced and Professional plans.

4. 4-day refund policy

5. There is no public tracker on all the plans.

6. You can cancel the subscription any time. There are no contracts. Accepts PayPal.

7. They provide unlimited active torrent on all the plans

8. BtSync support, transoid support and Sonarr support is included on all the plans.

9. All the plans run on a powerful Xeon E5 Processor server.

ISeedFast Plans

ISeedFast offers Seedbox services under 4 plans

  1. SeedFast Basic
  2. SeedFast Standard
  3. SeedFast Advanced
  4. SeedFast Professional

seedfast plan

The Basic plan costs only $3 per month. It provides 50GB of space on the server with 1TB bandwidth. The network speed is 1 GBPS. It supports sonar, transoid, FTP/SFTP and BtSync. The Standard, Advanced and Professional plans also have OpenVPN speed. The Standard plans cost $5 per month. It provides 100 GB space with 2TB bandwidth. The Advanced plan costs $8 per month and it provides 250 GB of space and 3 TB bandwidth. The Professional is the best plan for geeks and torrent ninjas as it provides 600 GB of space and 6 TB bandwidth. It costs $15 per month. All the plans have the network speed of 1GBPS

Wrapping up…

If you are looking for an efficient seedbox and you are on a tight budget, you can consider iSeedFast services. The basic plan starts at just $3 per month and there are no cheaper options out there for good seedbox services. With powerful Xeon E5 servers, 1GBPS network speed and lots of other features, iSeedFast is certainly the cheap and decent seedbox service out there. All the plans provide SFTP, FTP and OpenVPN services on the seedbox. Even the basic plan has BTSync and transoid support. We hope that this review has provided you with enough information about ISeedFast seedboxes. Keep visiting this blog, as write reviews on some other seedboxes in our upcoming posts. If you are looking for more options you can refer to our top list Seedbox.

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