Evoseedbox review
July 13, 2015 8:35 pm
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The best seed box for the price/bandwidth/hdd , but from the tests the performance has been very good at the listed prices and recurring discount this is probably the cheapest seedbox on NL servers. NL serves on evoswitch is one of the most peered network online , the bandwidth is capped but the basic plan is at 2 TB bandwidth which is decent enough for most of the users. If you are looking to build a quick ratio this seedbox should be a perfect choice without having a hole in your pocket.

Below is brief detail to check if the seedbox is for you

So why should you consider

1. Premium Evo Switch network Netherlands NO.1 peered network.

2. 4 days refund policy.

3. Live support and ticketing system.

4. All major plugins come pre-installed so you can be rest assured.

5. OPenVPN for all boxes.

6.Paypal Payment , no contract, can cancel your subscription within your paypal account or choose to check out.

7. Unclogged network with premium 1 GBPS up and down link duplex.

This is the basic rundown of our plans

Plan Cost/month sapce Bandwidth GUI Promo
Evo Blitz 6$ 150 GB 1 Gbit Rutorrent blitz
Evo Speed 10$ 300 GB 1 Gbit Rutorrent speed
Evo Blaze 18$ 600 GB 1 Gbit Rutorrent blaze
Evo Dash 26$ 1000 GB 1 Gbit Rutorrent dash

You can visit or site here, If you are looking for more options you can refer to our top list Seedbox.