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A seedbox is a dedicated server with a public IP address for accessing and seeding BitTorrent files at a high-speed data center. Individuals who have connections to a seedbox will import these files at any time and from any location with an internet connection to their personal computers.

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A seedbox is a term for when torrent community users use a dedicated server or VPS to increase tracker upload. Normally a seedbox has a very fast connection (anywhere from 10Mb / s to 1000Mb / s) and is accessed by the user remotely. They can be leased month by month, or quarterly. The rapid pace helps users to quite quickly attain large ratios on torrents, thereby increasing their upload to the server.


EvoSeedbox provides Netherlands-based servers, although they have few server locations in other places as well. They sell seedbox only and Box + Plex plans, with PLEX help for most of their plans

Reason to have EvoSeedbox

Download and upload

Downloading files on a smartphone is not suitable due to network difficulties and if daily travel is part of your routine, not to mention the restricted traffic. Owning an EvoSeedbox helps you to download and execute the files you want. You will come back and transfer the data later without needing to go online to wait for the data to stop copying.

Allow you to do heavy tasks

It's not optimal to run your computer for uploading files all day. Even If you're running a high-quality machine, still it could clog your bandwidth, whereas an EvoSeedbox is equipped with powerful hardware capable of doing work without shutting down.

Allow You to use peer to peer network

Peer-to-peer sharing via torrents is banned in certain places, whether it's your workplace, school, or even at home in cases where your ISP bans or throttles that kind of operation. An Evoseedbox can enable you to save and use your data later on while you're back home.

Privacy and anonymity

After using EvoSeedbox you will have complete control over your privacy, as access to your files is restricted to use only by logging in to your account. Additionally, EvoSeedbox also comes with secure networking features.

Can be used as Cheap storage

Seedbox providers continue to expand their storage capacities due to a major rivalry in the market, to have more space for Seedboxes to hold the files. EvoSeeedbo will save some space on your local computer. The files can be downloaded directly to your EvoSeedbox and kept there for later use. Similarly, you can even use your EvoSeedbox as secondary backup capacity, and upload any files that you want to remotely backup.

Performance and support

Files get downloaded easily, but it takes some time to unrar, which is reasonable given the sharing of the hard disk. On common “ISOs” you can easily achieve 1:1 ratio

The download speed reaches up to 70 MB/s on a common big ISO on a small tracker and upload reaches as much as 80mb/s with speeds staying around 20-30 MB over a constant period of time and was able to upload 700 GB in a single day. If you reached 100 percent of allotted capacity, rutorrent crashed and it took a while to get it back. Not sure if it is usual as never on my dedicated box had storage issues.

Have a minor problem, so I produced a request. Got an answer back on within three days, which is reasonable, but if it were sooner, it would have been more amazing. But the problem was soon resolved. Would you like to see an ongoing capacity update solution as Quality Addition, some form of the dashboard to display bandwidth utilization, etc


  • Affordable plans starting at 5$
  • SeedBox plans for up to 1 TB HDD and Box+Plex plans for 8 TB HDD
  • Upload Bandwidth up to 20 TB
  • YISP Evoswitch 2X10 Gbit network for ease and redundancy
  • Compatible with common browsers and devices
  • Preconfigured applications with a rutorrent after installation
  • A preconfigured LFTP app arrives for all accounts
  • VPN supported to make sure you remain safe
  • Could be found on Android with nzb360 seedbox manager
  • 24/7 support
    There is a 7-day trial


  • Often login details can take a few hours, but normally auto-setup takes care of login information within minutes of receiving payment
  • There are no refunds after the first 7 days of operation, so make sure to open a help account during the first 7 days if you are not satisfied with the service
  • Many have reported that customer service is sluggish and can take days to get a response to your request
  • No wiggle room to fill your seedbox past the limit-you might get blocked once this happens, so keep your seedbox at healthy limits


EvoSeedbox has 4 plans for the seedbox and 4 plans for box + Plex. The major difference between the two choices is how much storage you get.

Evoseedbox Plan

Their box plans range from $5 to $26 a month. The best feature is they come with great bandwidth with instant deployment. That means they've got everything for everybody, for starters. With the lowest package, you get 2 TB, and with the top rate plan in this range you will offer up to 12 TB every month. Entry-level Blitz package has an issue even for $5 a month, you get 2 TB bandwidth, Plex is not enabled so there is just basic support for users.

Its rates for Box+Plex vary from $15 to $60, including up to 8 GB of data, 20 TB of monthly upload, and unlimited download.

Higher rate plans – the two most costly choices-often benefits from prioritized coverage in all Box and Box+Plex groups.

Evoseedbox with plex

In addition, to supporting, EvoSeedbox still has a very powerful Discord Community. They can provide assistance and guidance for any problems you may find when you access their Discord server. The discord server includes specific support channels, videos, FAQs to solve any issue.

you can visit or site here, If you are looking for more options you can refer to our top list Seedbox.

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