Mount FTP Network Drive On Your Seedbox

You can mount your FTP drive on your seedbox so you can easily access your files and folder by a mounted network drive on your PC  from the seedbox, You can delete files , copy files from the seedbox like it was a drive on your seedbox.

One more benefit is you can drag and drop a file from seedbox onto a vlc player and it would start playing the video or audio files from seedbox directly.

Step 1: Copy the “Link to Use ftp from browser” sent in your initial mail


Step 2: Go to your desktop and right click on my computers, you dont have my computer on your desktop wtach this 2 mins video which will help you set up my computer in your desktop

Step 3: Right-click on my computer(on your desktop) and select map network drive


Step 4: Choose any unused drive on your device and On the next screen click on  the blue text  as shown on the screenshot below


Step 5: Select choose a custom network location. Double-click on it.


Step 6: On the tab that opens up paste the ftp url you copied from your seedbox is ready mail and then click next.


Step 7: Name any friendly name for the seedbox drive


Step 8: Click on next and then click finish


Step 9: Browsing to the ftp network drive in your device is easy just follow the screenshot


You and browse the files and folders now within your seedbox but one disadvantage is that you cannot play/open the files directly from your seedbox , but you can copy files and folders in your computer and use it accordingly.

If you have any questions put it in the comments we will try to update the tutorial accordingly.

This is a staging enviroment