My first seedbox – how to start, how to build ratio, the logic and capitalize on your cheap seedbox

When you first start using seedbox doesn't mean , it will instantly make you a good ratio you have to put in a lot of logic in order to understand what kind of strategy can help you in building your ratio.

Basic logic

if  leechers more than seeders then it is a good idea to download the torrent corollary

1. If it is  pack chances are likely that people are downloading a certain segment of it  so though it might seem that there are a lot of leechers in actuality they aren't leeching much

2. Old torrents are risky bit torrents prefer clients which have already downloaded and upload a lot of data when you get into the pool of such old torrents with multitude of   seeders already you will find that even though there might be leechers you wont be given as much preference.

if  seeders more than leechers then it is a bad idea to download the torrent corollary.

1. Sometimes you might find that a new torrent might have 0 leechers but if you have an idea about how many times a average torrent gets downloaded then you can download it and seed , there is a good chance that you will receive leechers eventually

Also most of the trackers have a free torrents , if you download don't get disheartened soon let them seed for a while eventually you will find that these torrents will help you in building your ratio without hurting your download status

toreent site with ratio system


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