So No.2 rank for seedbox goes o the canadaian seedbox company , after testing their seedbox with state of art features and amazing support the other major points for me to reach the conclusion are as follows.

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1. They provide data servers rom 3 countries North merica , UK and france.

2. Their basic plan which costs only 10 $ gives you a space of 110 GB , which is quite competetive but on teh down side with 32 users things can be a little slow at certain usage hours, most of the users reviewed and feedback recived from 1000 of their customers there is a decent speed of 10-11 Mbps up and down most of the times , which is quite decent for a 100 mbps seedbox.

3. they have a transparency of the number of users on each servers so you know what you are getting.

4. They have a huge customer base and limited stocks hence they try to maintain the quality of expirience you are getting out of their seedboxes hence the reliability is quite high.

5. The customer support is one of teh best in teh industry , you can expect to get a reply to any of your queries in less than 4-5 hours and sometimes even quicker.

6. You get a dedicated IP with each seedbox .

7. There seedboxes are mostly soldout in most of the categories hence you can guess that there is a huge seeding network available which can help you boost your ratio quite fast in private trackers.

8.They have Transoid feature to access your seedbox through your android phone and Barmagnet feture is preinstalled aswell.

9. It comes with FTPS for security and you have a feature to rar/unrar your torrent files.

10 . Instant setup and fre data servers are available asell.

11. They accept card, paypal and bitcoins for payment of their services.

Speed: 8/10
Support: 10/10
GUI: 10/10
Speed of GUI: 9/10
Package: Dirt
Price: $10/mo
Overall rating: 9/10
Space: 100 Gb
Speed: 100 Mbps

I would suggest this seedbox for moderate users , for the 10 dollars 110 Gb is decent , but if you planning to build up a lot of ratio quickly then it might require you to take up their plans with more space in which case you could shift to their next plan in which at 15 $ you get 225 GB of space and all the features as well. From the reviews and feedback gained from users it is a perfect seedbox if you need seedbox to stream your videos and need more flexibility of usage with transoid then this seedbox is definitely for you.

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