RDP seedbox

One of the fun tings I have done lately is buy a cheap RDP from SSDAPP, its teh bais model and I have kept the servers from USA , To be honest the RDP acts a bit slow than I expected but the amount of freedom I get from using it quite cool .

I will just point down the most imprtant aspects

1. You can speedtest it with GUI 🙂

RDP seedbox speed test

2. Use it as a seedbox just like in regular PC and guess what you can even use your favorite client utorrent like you use it on your regular pc 🙂

RDP seedbox utorrent


3. You can operate it like a regular Personal so cross seeding is as easy as it goes, just change the trackers  which you can edit on a website like torrentedit.com, you can read more about how to cross seed in this article here 

Cross seeding made easy on RDP


4. You can use it to upload Huge files on you Gdrive , Drop Box or any filesharing service that you use and the cool part is if you use Gdrive on your RDP and set your torrent download folder to the Gdrive folder it will automatically upload the data onto Grdrive.Recently I got an upgrade on my google drive 🙂

File Sharing made easy on RDP


Hope you find this information helpful , if you have any questions regarding any of the topics feel free to ask.

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