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There are a lot of seedboxes which do not come with a lot of plugins, one of the reasons is that the support team costs are kept low and you are benefited with the price, but that doesn't mean that you cannot install your plugins in your  seedbox. Some of the seedbox company might need to have a root connection to install plugins if that is the case you can do the steps on your end and open a support ticket asking them to rest of the process to install the plugin in your seedbox.

In this tutorial we will cover the best method to install the plugins in your seedbox.

A. Plugin folder setup

You can create the plugin folder for your rutorrent by logging into your seedbox ftp account and then creating the folder plugins.Typically, it looks like var/www/rutorrent/plugins, if it is there leave it as it is, if not then create it.

1. Login to your seedbox through SSH. You can find the tutorial on logging into your Seedbox SSH in this tutorial

B. In this tutorial we would be installing screenshot plugin and in order to ensure that it works properly we have to install ffmppeg in your seeedbox as well it's a package, so after intallation please typoe the following code to get the ffmpeg package loaded.

To install ffmpeg in your seedbox, just type:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg


apt-get install ffmpeg

2. First you have to login to your root and to do that you have to type the below command

sudo su

3. Now in the ssh terminal we will put a command to access your plugin directory , this is very similar to accessing a folder in command prompt, to do that in out intance it would be some thind like : cd “Folder Location”  without the quotes.

cd /var/www/rutorrent/plugins

4. Now if you have the followed the above steps correctly now you should be in the plugins folder and the next step is to download the plugin you want into that folder, in this example we take the example of the most commonly used plgin to install in your seedbox that is the screenshot plugin.

The genral command would look like this : wget link to download the plugin

In this case we have put the download link to screenshot plugin.

Enter the command:

5. After downloading the plugin, we need to extract

Mostly the plugins are available in zip/package format for two reasons it makes ita  single file to download and also reduces the size , in this case you can observe that most of the rutorrent files comes in tar format which is a form of package compression mostly used in web and hence in order to install our plugin we have to decompress the file .

The general form of this code looks something  like this : tar xfyz “filename with extention”

So in our case to install the screenshot plugin we have to :
Enter the command:

tar xfzv screenshots-3.4.tar.gz

6. If you want to delete the archive file since you've already extracted it, enter this command:

Once done we dont need the the plugin compressed file anymore as its already installed hence to clear up space we can choose to delete the file , the general form of code for the operation is : rm “filename with extention”

And in our case use the below code

rm screenshots-3.4.tar.gz

General Form:


You have now installed the screenshots plugin to your seedbox. 🙂

You also would need the _task plugin to ensure that the screenshot plugin works , you need to perform the same steps, the download link for the _task plugin is


have a nice time seeding 🙂

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