Seedbox Hosting best practices

If you are planning to get a seedbox hosting for yourself , then it is very critical that you choose the right seedbox hosting.

To define the right type of  seedbox hosting would be a complex task because there are various parameters on basis of which you should choose the seedbox hosting.

The below are a few critical parameters to consider which I am going to discuss , apparently if you make your choice based on these specification you can be pretty much sure that that you have got the right seedbox hosting for you.

1. HDD space: Hard disc space is very critical for your seedbox hosting , because that is the space where your seedbox is going to store your files, based on your requirement and the private trackers that you might use.

HDD is Important for the below reasons

a. Seeding files fora long time

b. If you are downloading files from multiple trackers you will eventually face the space crunch

c.Seeding as many files as possible, the chances of your torrent being downloaded in a private tracker increases with the number of files you have been uploading

2. Speed: Speed is a critical element for seedbox hosting , one of the main reasons you might be looking for a seedbox hosting is the awesome speeds that these boxes provide.

Speed in seedbox hosting is important for the below reasons

a. You can upload files faster to increase ratio ie less time> ratio also you will be seeding to a lot of leechers at a fast rate which can increase your preference for a BT tracker and hence lead to increased ratio eventually. Decent speed is 100mbps if you are looking for speeds in higher range then go for 1-10gbps speeds, remember more speeds cost a little more money so balance it out with your HDD space.

b. While checking speeds check if it the upload and download speed of the speedbox hosting is the same , most of the times they give high download speeds but the upload speed is not the same , choose the seedbox that will have better

3. Bandwidth: Most of the seedbox hosting companies , show that they have unmetered bandwidth but they cap your upload after some GB or TB of upload so keep that in mind while choosing the seedbox, It id preferable That you select seedboxes with very higher caps for bandwidth.

4. Encryption/Privacy :  It is better that your seedbox hosting is properly encrypted , most of the seedbox providers do provide such features and some of the seedbox companies provide  secure FTP also , put them into preference if you can or your other option is to get a VPN like BTguard.

5.RAM : Another critical element is the ram, when you are seeding/leeching a  large number of torrents if your ram is low eventually your hosting server will give up and you wont get good results.

The basic logic is if you are planning to seed only a few torrents then Less ram is okay

If you are planning to host multiple torrents then get more ram.

6. Cost :  It goes regardless of saying try to get the seedbox which is most cost effective for you, so that you can buy more resources with less amount of money and hence get a better seedbox which otherwise you would require to spend a lot of money on.

All these below Seedboxes are one of the best seedbox hosting providers with most cost competitiveness, I have given the list based on their base tariff so that you get and idea most of these providers also provide the VPS and dedicated services , I have also included 1 custom VPS provider where in you can make your custom seedbox hosting.

Seedbox Hosting Speed Space Bandwidth Limitations Cost
CUTorrent Seedbox Hosting 100 Mbps 500GB Unmetered Only private trackers 14$
Ajseedbox  Seedbox Hosting 1Gbps 200GB Unmetered No Limit 15$
Dedi Seedbox  Seedbox Hosting 1Gbps 200GB Unmetered No Limit 20$
Pulsemedia  Seedbox Hosting 100mbps 750 GB Unmetered No limit 17$
Santrex  Seedbox Hosting 1Gbps 200 GB Unmetered 40 Active torrents 20$
Seedboxsolutions  Seedbox Hosting 1Gbps/200Mbit 300 GB Unmetered Bandwidth cap 20$
Ultraseedbox  Seedbox Hosting 1GBPS 450GB Unmetered No limit 32$
Seedstuff  Seedbox Hosting 100Mbps 60GB Unmetered No limit 10$
ROSE hosting VPS 100Mbps 30 Unmetered 4 TB 20$

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