Setup Autodl-Irssi On IPT

Let’s first discuss what is Autodl-Irssi and what is used for because it is necessary to know what things you are using and why.

Autodl-Irssi is a type of plugin that is being used for scanning IRC channels sot hat it can download torrents files for you based on different filters that you have applied to it. After it has found the file from different IRC channels it then sends the files to a local or remote torrent client for downloading it. 

The above plugin is installed with Ru-torrent which is one of the most used WebUI torrent applications. It is installed with it so that it can load and process different torrent files that are wanted by the user. The autodl-irssi grabs and work over 44 trackers like this. 

It helps users to download and grab different torrent files in a much easier and faster way than most of the tracker users. Also allows you to do great seeding with it, nowadays it is one of the most common plugins that is being used to grab torrent filed from private trackers. 

Features of Autodl-Irssi

Some of the common features that are used by the plugin are:-

  • Supports more than 44 trackers
  • Helps to connect IRC channels and servers automatically
  • Use easy filters for advance options
  • FTP, WebUI, watch directory
  • Watches that no duplicate files are downloaded automatically
  • No broken torrent files are ever sent to clients
  • Can set daily/week/monthly options for maximum downloads

Steps that are performed by Autodl-Irssi to perform auto downloads from trackers are:-

  1. Put in your RSS feed, delay, and passkey of your trackers
  2. To connect to your IRC channel for your auto-downloads select the channel or server so that it can scan and monitor on it for your torrenting file that you want to download. 
  3. Define the filters that you want to apply in it so that Autodl-Irssi helps you to download them accordingly.
  4. You can choose what torrent action should be taken when the Autodl-Irssi has grabbed the torrent that you want. 

Here is an example of how Autodl-Irssi works when it grabs the torrent you want:-

  1. Once you have configured all the setting of IRC channel and trackers, it scans them and monitor them for new torrents that are being uploaded on that trackers for you to download it. 
  2. Every torrent that it scans goes through all the filters that you have applied and select them accordingly. 
  3. Once found the torrent it downloads the torrent using RSS feeds that have been pre-configured by you.
  4. The torrent file that is selected will start the action according to your preferences and start downloading them. 

These are some of the features and steps that are done by Autodl-Irssi when they use RSS feeds to capture torrents. Below is a video of how you can download and set torrent options using Ru-torrent accordingly for IPT trackers in it. 

PS. This video is made by John Smith. 

This is a staging enviroment