In this tutorial, you will learn step by step how to use rutorrent on a Seedbox.


Step 1

Navigate to the link provided by us to your rutorrent. Once you have opened the link, rutorrent Seedbox

web application should look like this:

Step 1 The rutorrent Interface

Step 2

To add a torrent click on the “+” on the top left.

To add a torrent file on Rutorrent seedbox


Step 3

A new popup window will show up like below and then click on the “choose files” to locate the torrent tracker file.

Ways to add torrent file to rutorrent seedbox


Step 4

Browse to your torrent file location on the new file explorer tab that opens up, select the tracker file and click “open”.

Selecting the tracker file for rutorrent seedbox


Step 5

Once that is done, click on the “add file” button as shown below.

Add to the seedbox


Step 6

You will get a notification that the torrent is added.

Add notification to rutorrent seedbox


Step 7

Now you can see the torrent file downloading on your seedbox.

torrent file added to rutorrent and downlaoding

And that is it! if you need to learn how to get your downloaded files from your Seedbox server to your pc then follow us on the next tutorial on sFTP your files from your seedbox to your pc.

Well, that is pretty much it for this tutorial, feel free to ask any questions on the chatbox. 😉