Top 10 Dedicated Seedbox cheap

Top 10 Dedicated seedbox cheapNow the main qustion would be why would you need a dedicated seedbox? The answer well to this question is all the major seeders use dedicated seedbox in order to get the maximum upload and maintaing their ratio in websites whre it is very difficult to maintan a decent ration , the dedicated seedbox provides you with private hardware i.e your hardware HDD , RAM , Bandwidth is not shared by anyone hence you get maximum advantage amoungst other peers on the tracker sites becase the bitorrent would definitely preper servers which are much more faster as compared to a slow one.

Now if you want to pick up a dedicated plan it doesnt mean that you have to shell out a lot of money but with some analysis that we have done on dedicated seedboxes you coud be very well in your way to geeting your first cheap dedicated seedbox and fix your ratio issues once and for ever, also in a dedicated server you have much more freedom as you have root access you can run and install scripts, you can also set up your own torrent manager and much more.Moreover from the dedicated seedboxes I am suggesting below you can also use windows in VNC using free softwares like TIGHTVNC hence you can use the dedicated seedbox not only as aseedbox but many other purposes you might like , we have also given preference to top  dedicated seedboxes based on their bandwidth allocation because it is much better to have unlimited bandwidth if you are going for a dedicated seedbox and you plan to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Also remember that a dedicated seedbox is nothing but a customised dedicated server so the stuff you can do its pretty much up to your imagination , SSDAPP  is one of teh companies where they quickly fix any query that you might have instantly and also help you intalling any script that you would like to run on your server. The other seedbox providers I have mentioned here are equally good but some of the customised scripts you mght have to install yourself, if you have any queries regarding that just shoot a question in the comments below and we will help you out.

Seedbox HostingSpeedSpaceBandwidthLimitationsCostSpecial
SSDAPP100 Mbit1 TBUnlimitedNone22$Windows option/ Amazing support
Seedboxsolutions100 MbitI TBUnlimitedNone25$EU Data centre
wicked servers100 Mbps500GbUnlimitednone12$France servers
 100 MbIT1 TB5 TBLinux only45$
Evoswitch fast servers top dedicated seedbox100 Mbit1 TBUnlimitedNone40$Real Unlimited Badwidth
Pulsedmedia top dedicated seedbox100 Mbit1 TBUnllimitedNone40$Public trackets allowed

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