Seedboxes That Support Public Trackers


First we get into which seedboxes support public trackers. Let us understand what is a tracker, how public tracker different from private trackers and which is better for you.

What is a tracker?

Tracker is nothing but a server that works on the BitTorrrent protocol and helps to transfer files in a peer to peer network.

The “tracker” server monitors where file copies dwell on peer machines. Which ones are accessible at time of the customer request. Helps facilitate effective transmission and reassembly of the copied file.

There are usually two types of trackers:


Public Trackers

These tracker servers are available for everybody. Users can use this servers address in torrent clients to improve downloading speed for any torrent file or to make one. Examples of public trackers are :, etc.


There are no rules regarding the downloading and uploading. There is no need to maintain a healthy ratio. Also anyone can access the files, there is
no restriction.


There are huge amounts of disservices of open trackers. The majority of which are tended to by private trackers, and a large portion of it has to do with the lacking of rules. Users are not obliged to seed the file once they have downloaded the file. This leads to a lot of users just removing the torrent from their client as soon as it has finished downloading . This implies lower speeds and less maintenance on downpours

Because of the mass number of individuals visiting open trackers, there are numerous individuals who exploit this and transfer malevolent and additionally counterfeit records to a tracker in order to trick somebody into downloading it. In spite of the fact that these are for the most part directed, they are awfully common to not be exhausted of.

Copyright holders can see all the downloads being facilitated on these trackers and can download it themselves. Because of the idea of the BitTorrent convention, this permits “copyright trolls” to log the IP delivers of everybody associated with the swarm and quickly send copyright notification to ISPs who (now and then) forward them to the client who was downloading. This can be evaded by picking a decent VPN or seedbox.

How you can use seedbox help you access Public Trackers?

Getting a seedbox can not only make your torrenting safe but also help you improve your tracker ratio. It provides you with a server space so you don’t have to keep the file in your hard disk, also the these are high speed servers. That means you can get a good upload speed too, helping you to become a better seeder. This means you can maintain a very good ratio without using your resources. Cheap Seedbox is one of the best seedbox available in the market.

These are public torrent tracker list:

Private Trackers

       These are servers that are owned privately and can only be accessed or be used when someone with authority permits you to. They are also known as private BitTorrent. Some Examples of private trackers are:  IPTorrents, BitMe  PassThePopcorn etc.

What is difference between Public and Private Trackers?

  • Private Trackers are more secure than public servers. This is so because public trackers can be accessed by anyone and anybody can see the transfer of files in the network Private Trackers have more downloading speed than public trackers. Public Trackers are very crowded and don’t have much traffic. Also there are many leechers than seeders. While in private trackers there are specific rules regarding seeding and leeching, thus maintaining the ratio and optimal speed.

List of Seedboxes that provide Public Trackers:

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