You can delete/ remove .torrent or torrent file (with data) from your seedbox in 3 ways.

1. from your seedbox ruTorrent WebUI. (using ruTorrent remove features)

2. from your ruTorrent WebUI. (using file manager)

3. from your FTP server.



  1. From your seedbox ruTorrent User Interface (using Rutorrent remove features):


  1. It’s very simple & the best way. Go to your seedbox ruTorrent user interface page


1.2-Move your mouse pointer to the torrent file you want to delete. Now Right click on it. You can see some option included ‘remove’, ‘remove+ delete data’ option. Well, these two options are actually case sensitive. If you just want to remove the .torrent file from the Rutorrent & intends to keep the file data on your server, then you need to click on the Remove option only. So after click on the Remove option, the .torrent file will be deleted from the Rutorrent list, but the data will keep stored on your seedbox server. But then you can be only able to access the data using your Rutorrent file manager or from your FTP server. (click here to check the tutorial of “How to use FTP server”), but if you want to delete the file from the seedbox permanently, you need to click on the (Remove+delete) option & the file will de remove from your server


  1. From your seedbox ruTorrent User Interface. (using file manager):


  2. First, go to your seedboxes Rutorrent page. Now move your mouse pointer to the torrent file you want to delete. Now Right click on it. You can see some option included ‘stop’ option. Click on the Stop option.



  3. Now click on the File Manager button. (you can find the option at the down of the full torrent list, check the screenshot). In the File Manager you can see some folder and file (don’t try to delete anything here, Remember that detection of any file/folder can harm your seedbox
    ), just find the downloads folder & click on it.


  4. Now you can see the full file/data list of your seedbox. Just Right click on the file you want to delete & then click on the delete option.


2.4- A popup screen will be shown to you, click on the start button & the file will be removed & a popup window gives you the success message.




3. From your FTP server:

At first, click here to see the tutorial about how t connect to your FTP server. For this tutorial, I assume that you already know the uses of FTP. So, at first Login to your FTP

3.1- Now click on the download button of your FTP server.


3.2- You can now able to see your downloaded file on the server. Just find out the files you want to delete. Right click on it, and you will see some options included the delete option. Click on the delete option.

3.3- A pop-up window will appear, just click on the yes button.